So we help you get this right, we dedicate specific resources and spend a day focusing on it. We bring in people from the industry to help show you how they get booked for speaking events and what they know agencies are looking for. This gives you a process to use, it helps you create the perfect profile and with this unique insider industry knowledge, you no longer waste your time and avoid making any bad first impressions.

If you are amazing on stage but could do with being better at selling yourself, or if you find it easy to promote yourself and get nervous when it’s time to be on stage. Then we will help you get that balance right. It’s all about being a good talker and a good connector, and we help you get that balance right.

Bookings come so much easier when you have the perfect pitch, and when you understand the industry you want to speak in.

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You will quickly get to know who the influencers are within your chosen field of expertise to start networking and building closer relationships.

We help you find the one thing that you can do consistently that creates results. So you can build the confidence and feel secure in the knowledge that your talk is right for them.

When you are standing in front of the right people and positioning yourself in the right way, you will find it so much easier to get booked by the right agencies.

Therefore getting in front of the right customers who will pay for your products or services. Resulting in more clients, more referrals which ultimately grows your business, increases your cash flow and empowers you to have a greater impact. It’s very important to learn how to deal with the objections. And this is why we show you how to address any objections before they become problems. We help you to be in control and choreograph your talk so that you appeal to your different buyers.

When you address objections before your ideal clients even think of them, then you do not come across as pitching anything. Instead you are seen as an authority and your solution is the next logical step for your ideal clients to take if they want to achieve the results that they have been searching for.

When pitching to event organisers to speak at an event you are going to need a speakers profile. This can be a document you send them outlining your bio, the topics you can speak about and any previous public speaking experience you have. Every time you pitch to speak at an event you should attach the speaker’s profile to the email.

To learn more about delivering a signature talk with confidence – Click here to download your free eBook guide “The Speakers’ Method”:

We help you fast track your journey from unknown to a recognised expert and thought leader by working closely with you on the perfect profile.

When you can come across as selling without selling, you will instantly grow your business. And as your business grows so does it’s revenue and profit, therefore you get to have a greater impact on more people.

You need to be ticking all of the communicator and influencer boxes. Social media has revolutionised the way we broadcast ourselves to, and are viewed by the outside world, both from a personal and professional perspective. But rather than having a separate thinking cap for each channel, and dividing your online profiles, having one consistent brand that integrates career goals and personal passions can open many more doors.

We make sure you have the right content and messaging to get found. Making it easy for agencies to find you, and understand what you do. So there is no confusion, and you are seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

So you get to create and pick the perfect opportunities that will put you in front of the right audience, so you can generate more sales and grow your business.

Here’s what we are doing with our 1 day boardroom… We are looking for a handful of people to work with to create as successful signature talk.

We have started working closely with smaller groups of people because within smaller groups we found the results are always amazing.

Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

1. We’ll start with your Confidence, using a tool called – Authenticity Circle – to get you get speaking gigs and money you’re after.

2. Next, we’ll take our ‘Brand Messaging’ Template, and design your branding and messaging. It’ll be high-value, and high converting. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can get more experience and build your reputation.

3. We’ll focus on your Signature Talk and show you what a structure looks like and customise them for YOUR business.

4. One of the keys to moving from 1:1 coaching to 1:many is unpacking the knowledge and experience you’ve got and turning it into a system that “Gets You Booked’… you’ll be able to scale up your income, without adding any more hours to your day.

5. My favourite high-probability, low-cost way to generate more business is by Positioning yourself as an Authority in your space. We’ll talk about “Pitch & Sales“…and specifically what to do on YOUR website to get credibility and clients. We’ll also establish your Communication Rhythm —a simple system for you to produce weekly blogs, emails, podcasts or videos.

6. One of the most overlooked opportunities for more clients is in the “Build Profile” phase… just learning how to build the perfect profile the right way usually takes your conversion rate to 70-90%. We’ll focus you on all the areas that help launch your social profile and get noticed.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business, and our experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically…so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

We will be working with small groups and we only want to work with people who can implement, test and report back on their results. We are ready to get started right away.

Here’s how it will work… The day starts with – then moves onto – and ends with –

We will be spending one on one time with you during the day to make sure we maximise your results.The more you implement… the more traction we will get together. So we would like you to be sure you have the time to dedicate to this over the day.

The total cost is £97…but for right now, we just need to know if you can join us and we’ll get you set up.

We’d love to work with you.

Just click the button below.

To big shifts and even bigger stages!

Talk soon!

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