It’s critical to build a process that gets you booked and builds your speaking profile. Which means you need to get organised and maximise your time. Otherwise you run the risk of not getting notices, which means you don’t get booked and you end up wasting a lot of time hustling for speaking gigs.

Which means you need to start creating footage so you have proof that you are a speaker and it provides something for people to see. It helps to show agencies how you present yourself, how you sound, and what you look like.

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We help you build the foundation of your entire speaking landscape. You get to know and understand how it all works, how to approach event organisers and how to pitch yourself to them. We give you the structure, a deeper understanding of your target audience, so you can research event organisers and make the time to connect with them. When you understand how they think, and what they are looking for, you can better position yourself to fit the outcome they want to achieve.

Whether you can sell ice to an ice cream vendor or shy away at the idea of sales altogether, there’s something very personal about selling your own services that can bring up a number of doubts, fears and objections to the overall process. It’s not unusual for even the most confident people to become lost for words or feel very fragile selling their own services on stage.

Whether you are still refining your overall business and offerings or are a seasoned pro, we provide proven tips that have helped our speakers get more comfortable with the sales process, drive revenue growth and generate more leads in an authentic way that resonates with your audience. Building your profile is the final element within our Speakers’ Method.

It’s probably THE MOST important part of your speaking business. Technically speaking, profile building refers to activities to raise awareness of your expertise, skills, achievements and involvements in order to advance your career.

In terms of personal branding, assets are the things you own that will communicate your brand message to your target audience.

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Assets are things like your own website and blog, but they can also be things like your Twitter username and your LinkedIn profile. Offline assets are things like business cards and or traditional flyers that you send out.

Look at the most successful speakers in the world. They’re absolutely obsessed with their signature talk. They want it to add to the art of their business every single time they get on stage.  This is what we help you to do. And it’s what you should want to do as well.

Think about it: Are you wanting to get in front of your audience to deliver an amazing signature talk for any other reason than creating something huge?

In our 1 day boardroom, we help business owners just like you, take their speaking business to great heights.  We are passionate about helping you grow. We know you are capable of doing great things and we want to be there with you along the way. Our aim is to help you build something that is world-class.

Why wouldn’t we want to do that? We all want to do great things with our business. We want to make every single signature talk world-class, no matter what the subject it might be on. When it comes to your signature talk, there’s nothing we like more than helping you to create something extraordinary. Who’s to say your signature talk can’t be the one that everyone looks up to. Growing and scaling continuously can make this happen for you.


This is what we want for all of our speakers who attend our 1 day boardroom. We want your signature talk to be your art.

This is what we want for all of our speakers who attend our 1 day boardroom. We want your signature talk to be your art. We want you to find your reasons for doing something great every day. That passion that drives your business to incredible heights.

We know that you are capable of achieving this and that is why we have created a Speakers Method that turns your signature talk into something that people will remember. So feel free to join us on this life changing day, where we will make this happen for you.

We will help you create a signature talk that encompases your passion, creates your art, and imprints you as an authority within your chosen field of expertise with extraordinary success.

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