Confidence enables you to deliver powerful and effective presentations in front of any audience that convert interested listeners into ideal buying clients.

It allows you to read any crowd and be able to pivot, lengthen or shorten, add lib, or plug in random new subjects to make it fun.

That’s what speakers method gives you, we build you up to a level 3 confidence, where you can close more business, appeal to more clients, have more fun along the way and instantly be perceived as an authority within your field of expertise. That comes without having to prove yourself to anyone, instead we help you be yourself and naturally impress others…

When you integrate the right brand messaging into your speaking, you are able to communicate with the right voice, the right tone, with the right look, and with the right feel. Therefore people will resonate with every story you tell. People will easily relate to you, trust you and want to be aligned to you. Which means they will want to work with you and become your ideal client.

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They’re going to, as Simon Sinek says, “Not buy what you do, but buy why you do it.”

The point of your brand messaging is not to just attract everyone and anyone that might need your product. The point of your brand messaging is to do business with people who believe in what you believe.

Which in turn means people will buy from you because they see your brand as a brand that is aligned with their own values. We help you to be seen, perceived and heard as an expert. To do this articulately and gracefully, we guide you through the 3 levels of confidence.

The first is – I can do this and I’ve got this.

The second is having the confidence to manage any situation that you are not used to or anything that goes wrong around you. So you can still hold yourself strong and deal with it in a professional way.

And thirdly, the confidence to detach regardless of what’s going on and always constantly deliver the highest quality of talk.

When you have this level of confidence, you will naturally engage an audience and convert them into ideal buying clients. Anything is possible and your opportunities will be endless. We want to help support you to take your business to its next level.

When you integrate your core brand messaging into your signature talk, you become excited and can deliver more meaning, power, strength and trustworthiness. Your stories are more powerful and they help you to create brand loyalty that generates a consistent, predictable flow of highly qualified sales leads that can be easily be converted into ideal buying clients

When your brand messaging reaches this level, you will become an influencer within your chosen field of expertise. You will be consistent with your messaging and speaker bureaus or other promoters will want to use you and re-book you.

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You will naturally grow your business as you become a keynote authority within your industry. You will build your profile and take your business to its next level. It’s all about being in front of the right audience, with the right message, at the right time and generating more sales by selling from the stage.

On average, you only have 9 seconds to create your first impression with your signature talk, so we work on the perfect opening. Then once you have captured their attention, you need to dive deeper into their problem and display an understanding that you have the solution. But even then you still need to earn the right by building your credibility with the audience.

It’s important to show them who you are an authority without bragging, because the more relevant it is to them, the longer they will listen.

And when it comes to your solution, it’s another area to present your version of the problem and the things that need to happen to fix it.

We work on your story, so they get to know you better. When you can personalise your business content it gives your solution substance and people see how you get it.

By personalising your professional life people will understand more, they will build a deeper sense of rapport with you and they will get to understand you better.

We then move onto expand, which empowers you to add more value if you have more time. When you can shorten or lengthen your signature talk, you are ready to take on any situation.

Then your call to action becomes simple. We show you how to attract the people who connect with you, so you don’t waste time and only work with ideal clients who you can help.  When you start getting booked more as a speaker, you will ultimately win more business.

 Which means your speaking becomes the perfect growth strategy. We help you make it easy to be found and get booked by different agencies. With the use of showreels, speaker sheets and photography.  We help you to get in front of the right audiences, position yourself in the right way and make sure you are hired by the right agencies.

We help you to reframe everything, so you are seen at the right places, you start increasing your social media footprint and get seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.


As soon as you start getting booked more, you start leveraging the 1 to many framework, which wins you more business, and opens the doors to building a team.  Once you have a team, you can build your marketing assets and start getting more referrals. Until you reach a status of being in demand, and that’s when you can increase your fees and start living the life you deserve.  So the key features we focus on within the 7 steps of your signature talk that creates an audience who wants to work with you are:

1. You need to have an opening that disrupts or a solid capturing opening that addresses the problem you are going to be talking about
2. Talk about the main problem
3. Then you have to earn the right to talk about the problem
4. The you need to talk about the solution
5. Tell Story
6. Expand on the story id required
7. And the perfect Call to action that generates profitable sales

Regardless of where you are on your speaking journey, we will help you to gain visibility, build credibility and enrich your social and professional network. Which overtime, makes it a quick and easy decision to book you.

You will build the right relationships that get you more invitations to industry events. Your networking will get you in front of the right audiences which means you will dominate your chosen industry and win more ideal buying clients.

It’s very important to learn how to deal with the objections. And this is why we show you how to address any objections before they become problems. We help you to be in control and choreograph your talk so that you appeal to your different buyers.

When you address objections before your ideal clients even think of them, then you do not come across as pitching anything.

Instead you are seen as an authority and your solution is the next logical step for your ideal clients to take if they want to achieve the results that they have been searching for.

When pitching to event organisers to speak at an event you are going to need a speakers profile. This can be a document you send them outlining your bio, the topics you can speak about and any previous public speaking experience you have.

Every time you pitch to speak at an event you should attach the speaker’s profile to the email.

We help you fast track your journey from unknown to a recognised expert and thought leader by working closely with you on the perfect profile. When you can come across as selling without selling, you will instantly grow your business. And as your business grows so does it’s revenue and profit, therefore you get to have a greater impact on more people.

You need to be ticking all of the communicator and influencer boxes. Social media has revolutionised the way we broadcast ourselves to, and are viewed by the outside world, both from a personal and professional perspective. But rather than having a separate thinking cap for each channel, and dividing your online profiles, having one consistent brand that integrates career goals and personal passions can open many more doors.

We make sure you have the right content and messaging to get found. Making it easy for agencies to find you, and understand what you do. So there is no confusion, and you are seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise. So you get to create and pick the perfect opportunities that will put you in front of the right audience, so you can generate more sales and grow your business.

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