If you want to use a speaking strategy to help grow your business, we can help you.

When you can stand in front of any audience and deliver a talk that engages an audience and converts them into ideal buying clients, anything is possible. Your opportunities are endless, you will have the content and confidence to take your business to its next level. To increase your sales, you need to get your messaging in front of more people and speaking is the most effective way to do just that..

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Even if you are speaking already, we can help you raise your profile and deliver a more focused brand messaging, that generates more sales leads and referrals. Which raises your visibility and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

Speaking helps transform the balance away from the ‘old limiting’ model of trading your time for money, and launches you into a leveraged 1 to many model, that gets you in front of thousands of potential sales leads.

When you can deliver a signature talk that grabs everyone’s attention and wins you new clients, your business will grow, allowing you to employ more people and free up your time to do more of what you love. We love the philosophy that experience is the best teacher hence we are great promoters of experiential learning through interactive exercises. This way, people don’t leave with an information overload and piles of notes that get filed away and become nothing more than waste paper and ‘shelf-help’.

Your words and the way you deliver them can move people into action, and even change the world. Yet many people are afraid of public speaking, or need to develop clarity in pitching their brand, mission or passion.

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Just because you have an established business and things are going well, it doesn’t necessarily mean your brand message or signature talk is perfected. Your branding and your messaging represents the foundation of your business, therefore they needs to be clear…

When done correctly, your entire sales process becomes smoother, easier, more graceful and respectful. It means you are pre-addressing what’s going through your audience’s mind upfront. Therefore all objections disappear, because it shows you know what you are talking about.

When you have the ability to distill your brand message into 20 seconds with absolute clarity and focus, it allows your audience to get it quickly.  The basis of everything you do comes from your core message, therefore all of your communications, all of your speaking, and all of your online communications will have one key focal messaging attached to it.

We teach in an interactive & experiential way. You will be learning and doing most of the time, ensuring a much higher progress and learning retention rate. Experiential learning is a high-impact educational training practise. It’s a learner-centred approach that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone, actively involved and responsible for your progress in a safe environment.

This training format guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach. We are also super passionate about YOU finding YOUR very own style and personality that ultimately leads to using speaking as your growth strategy.

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