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How To Find Your Message?

Many of my clients think that ONCE they have found their message the entire public speaking thing will become easy and they will feel 200% more confident and worthy to be on stage. FAR FROM. You find your message and confidence in the PROCESS of searching for it. Even...

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How Do I Get On A TEDx Stage?

I hear it on a weekly basis, the question: ‘How do I get on a TEDx stage?’ Well, SPEAKER Express member Lizzy has done it (and some other members too BUT Lizzy is the only one who wrote about her experience). Pay close attention to the ‘clucking like...

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My First Experience at a Speaker Express Club Night

‘I’m a virgin!’ I shouted when Elliot Kay, one of the hosts of the evening asked ‘who has never attended a Speaker Express Club event before?’ I soon realised I wasn’t the only virgin in the room! Speaker Express Club A friendly energetic group of people find...

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