Category: Confidence

How To Find Your Message & Meaning

SOMETIMES people say: ‘…once I have found my message I will start speaking’ or ‘…I have worked through processes to find my message but nothing came out of it’. Here are our thoughts on this: ‘We get old and die but in between...

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Speak So Others Listen

Do you sometimes feel like talking to a wall? Like nobody is listening or paying attention? If you wonder how you could speak more powerfully so your kids clean their rooms, your partner takes out the rubbish and your boss considers you for a pay rise, try out the...

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Fu*k Perfection

Boldness is a way to becoming MORE of yourself by deciding to be DONE with bending over backwards for EVERYONE! I always say: ‘No matter who you are and what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone who won’t like what you say, the way you say it and sometimes...

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