Do a lot of thinking (asking yourself questions) before you start writing your speeches, talks or presentations.

Depending on the nature of your presentation, there are hundreds of questions you might ask yourself before getting started.

Here are a selected 5:

1. What is the point of my presentation/talk/speech? (95% of the time it’s to get clients, so be honest with yourself about this – no point being a broke inspiring speaker, right?)

2. What is the problem my audience has for which my service/product is the solution? (Where are they NOW and what is the AFTER state your product or service is creating?)

3. How can my audience best apply my content? (Weave in activities that will help to get to the implementation phase faster.)

4. How can I present my content so they remember it best? (Modulise your material, create support stories use metaphors.)

5. In one sentence, what is my speech about?(Your ‘fire escape’ sentence so to say – what’s the ONE sentence you would want to leave them with in case of a fire?)

Why don’t you grab your special speaking notebook and start creating?

Also, when listening to other speakers keep those questions in mind – is it easy to summarise what they are talking about? Do they tell you how to best apply the content? The more you tune in and observe other speakers the faster and better you will be able to create your own content.

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