We love running our speaker training sessions and sending out little reminder emails after. Here is one authored by one of our confidence experts – Gabi Glover – who also runs her own speaking confidence events here in London.

Gabi used to be painfully shy. Doubting herself and her capabilities. Repeatedly. Today, she is giving professional people practical skills, tools and strategies for growing confidence and having a better relationship with the inner-self. She is a firm advocate of the ‘being your own best friend’ concept. Alongside her BA Hons in International Business is fifteen or so years corporate experience (8 in training and development). And if she’d got a penny for every litre of Ribena ever consumed, Gabi would be a millionaire by now!

Those wise words start here:

Wayne Dyer once said ‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at WILL change.’

I am sharing this for encouragement and for you to keep coming back to continue layering in the positive changes you’ve been making in the training day. When you change the way you see your speaking fears, when your intentions are positive and strong, you look for the progress you are making, then you will transform.

Pay attention to where your thoughts, time and energy are going!

‘Where our attention goes, energy flows and the results will show!’

Keep in mind. You DO have so much more power, control and influence over how you’re feeling and subsequently experiencing things. So much more. And we can keep on teaching you how to connect with that power. Draw on it. Use it to your advantage. You have and you are changing so much already! Keep sight of that!

You’re doing great! Have faith!

CHOOSE to practise being more aware.

CHOOSE to keep your time and energy focused on just that which you ARE able to change and control. Such as your reactions and behaviours. BOOM!

CHOOSE to ACCEPT where you are – including the circumstances around you now.

We cannot change others. Only our self! So let go and stop feeding it.

‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done your cannot be surprised to keep getting what you’ve always got!’

Didn’t Einstein know his stuff?

He said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that got us there.’

CHOOSE to ‘reframe’ how you are seeing things.

In other words, CHOOSE to see the situation differently. From a new angle/different perspective.

CHOOSE to turn the stressful bits (work or otherwise) around – from negative to positive. Seeing it from the perspective that you are learning from the experience – growing through and past it as you change things for and about yourself for the better. Making your life easier by doing so.

Remember, all this stuff happening because it’s trying to show you something. Something you need to ‘get’ about yourself.

Get what it’s showing you. In other words, get what the lesson and the pain/annoyance/discomfort will go away.

CHOOSE to ‘let go’ of that which you cannot change.

CHOOSE instead to concentrate your attention on that which IS in your control and that you can change.

CHOOSE your language carefully

Notice the words you use, how to say things. Listen to what other people say.

CHOOSE to phrase towards the positive. Say it how you DO want things to be. Rather than what you don’t want or isn’t working.

‘For things to change, WE need to change’.

It’s all about The Power of Choice. YOUR choice. After all, we are all only on the receiving end of the consequence of our choices right?

Most of all please remember to CHOOSE to be kind to yourself. 

Consciously say only nice things when you speak to yourself in your head. Thank, acknowledge and congratulate your inner self. The way you do when you make a fuss of your friends.

CHOOSE TO Be Your Own Best Friend! And then everything else is possible.

We shall continue making friends with the ‘Inner Gremlin’ and strengthening our connection, understanding, and vocabulary with the ‘Inner Genie’ too. Growing our confidence as much less to do with ‘improving’ or learning something new about our self. And everything to do with growing our trust, self-understanding and connection with who and what we really are. The important thing is about turning your attention inwards. Listening to what the intuition our ‘Inner Genie’ says (rather than the stupid ‘False Friend’ mind or thoughts try to convince us to believe. We’re taking back control of the mind. Putting the power back where it belongs. With the ‘Real-Essence You’. You are NOT your thoughts.

To growing your inner confidence!

Gabi teaches a variety of processes and pattern interrupters in her trainings. Connect with Gabi here.

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See you at one of our events.

Love, Annik

PS. Fancy a little powerful exercise that will help you reframing some of those SELF-SABOTAGE IMPRINTS we all carry around with us on a daily basis? Obviously, we don’t know if you are motivated by PAIN or PLEASURE so simply do both:

  1. Write down 20+ things that will happen if you DON’T achieve your goal!
  2. Write down 20+ things that will happen if you DO achieve your goal!

Now, your goal can totally be related to your public speaking confidence but it’s also helpful diving deeper into your financial, emotional, social or business goals AND THEN SEE HOW BEING A GREAT SPEAKER COULD HELP YOU WITH THOSE.