The #1 Strategy For Speakers To Get Booked,
Generate Clients & Make An Impact
Even If You Are Not Known In Your Industry (yet…)

Gain the unfair advantage and learn what it takes to utilise speaking to win more clients while making an impact and being seen as an expert.

Are you an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Coach, Speaker, Trainer wanting to use speaking to win more business, get paid to speak, and gain more sales but not sure how?

Are you fed up seeing other people winning over your clients?

You are aware that speaking is important to you and for your brand’s product or service but not sure how it works as a marketing tool?

Maybe you have been speaking for years but now not sure how to how to move with the times we are in?

Join us to learn how to apply the right speaking strategy during these times, gain more sales while always leaving an impact in your industry and or clients.

 On the 21st of July from 11 am till 12:30 pm, we will be holding our 90mins interactive Webinar Master Class, with international speaker and trainer Elliot Kay, the co-founder of Speaker Express.

Elliot will take you through proven structures and strategies that for over a decade have helped their clients win more business, make more money and grow even during uncertain times.



These strategies have helped people at different stages be seen as experts

The key to making a lasting impact and getting sales is the right visibility and speaking is one of the fastest ways to be visible to enroll future clients to buy from you.


Speaking is also one of the best ways to generate interest from potential clients and reach lots of people quickly.


The truth is right now, more than ever, it is important to maximise every chance you get to win business, and knowing how to do that is essential.


Speaking is no longer a luxury or “something you would do one day” being an impactful communicator is a MUST. That’s what we want to share with you during this Masterclass

Knowing this scenario is the million-pound SECRET and we are going to share it with you!


We hold nothing back! Nothing!

In this  Masterclass, which is happening

on the

21st of July from 11 am till 12:30 pm UK time, 

over Zoom, we will cover:

How to maximise speaking as a marketing strategy

How to unlock opportunities for you to win more business


How to deliver with impact every time you speak

The 6 key areas to integrate into your speaking to gain more sales

The 3 objections you need to overcome to enrol people to buy from you

What our Clients have to say

Elliot provided a packed day of impactful and engaged learning which was pushed all participants outside their comfort zone. He has the knack of creating an immediate safe space and encouraging people who are strangers to immediately connect and share openly. Not and easy task in the first week of January! Highly recommended and am looking forward to the opportunity to take part in further, more in depth events.


Founder SHe2 Supporting Future Female Leaders

Having recently met Eliot at a speaking event, it was clear from hearing Eliot’s talk and presentation that he definitely knows what he is talking about. This has now helped me to understand the direction I want to take in terms of strategising public speaking with growing my business. I will also be booking on to his next workshop and really looking forward to working with Eliot. would definitely recommend Eliot to anyone that is looking to grow as a speaker but also to understand how speaking is a great way of growing your business


Regional Homes Ltd #knowing your home is in good hands

We had the pleasure of Elliot speaking at the Intelligent MIllionaires Network in London. Elliot entertained the audience, with an insightful and enigmatic talk, which our members and guests really enjoyed and took great value from. We received fantastic feedback and I would highly recommend Elliot as a speaker and person, as his authenticity shines through.


Resourceful Technology Expert | Property Investor | Global Business Networking Club Owner


For the last decade Elliot Kay has been a serial entrepreneur, to date he has successfully ran 3 businesses, a coaching business, a strategy business and co-founded Speaker Express. At Speaker Express he has ran Speaker Express which trains entrepreneurs and business owners to utilise public speaking as a marketing tool.


He has over 8000 hours of delivering talks and was international public speaking trainer for 5 years. In. the business world Elliot has worked with leaders and managers, business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, Investors to hone their messaging, perfect their stories and pitch to win more business.


Elliot is a two time best selling author and his last book Speak, Influence, Sell focuses on winning the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. Elliot trains out unique structures that ensure that you have an opportunity to win business and that the language you use lands with your client or audience. Therefore maximising your opportunities when you stand on the stage( virtually or offline)


This is for you if:

  • You want to get paid to speak 
  • You have a verified product or service and you want to understand how speaking can help you sell it more and impact your clients
  • You want to enhance the value of your speaking as a marketing strategy
  • You want to seek out speaking opportunities
  • You have something to say, a product to sell or a service to provide that makes you get out of bed every morning!
  • You want to be the go-to expert in your space
  • You want to make a massive impact in your industry

This is not for you if:

  • You would rather be behind the scenes (nothing wrong with this, it’s just not what we teach!
  • Aren’t willing to come on camera ( nothing wrong with that, however, we will struggle to help you if we can’t see you)
  • You are not ready to invest the time and money into developing yourself to gain more sales
  • You are not yet clear about the direction of your business or brand