A totally mind-blowing discussion about how to unlock your inner confidence – a must listen with Keith Blackmore-Noble

From painfully shy, to appearing on stages around the globe. That’s been part of Keith’s journey, and it’s the sort of thing he’s helped others to do too – he’s helped over 5,000 people around the world to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths since 2010, making him the UK’s #1 Fear Strategist.
Having spent literally decades being painfully shy and lacking on confidence, Keith finally decided enough was enough, and studied NLP and hypnosis seeking to find a way to transform his life. Not only did he solve his own issues, but he found that pretty quickly other people were coming to him to seek his help in overcoming their fears and in building their own confidence.
This, coupled with a perfectly timed redundancy from his old IT career, lead Keith to becoming a full-time coach, and since then he has worked with clients around the world, spoken on international stages, and found time to publish 5 books (so far)