Suzie Parkus is a serial entrepreneur of 19 years and in that time, she has set up and run 5 businesses spanning Fitness, Fashion, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Events, Dating Coaching, Match Making, PR, Publicity and Speaking. Suzie is also a soon to be author with 2 books in the pipeline, sharing her very own memoir of experiences enabling the reader to raise their awareness so that they can raise their life’s game and a communications book that will have the reader getting seen, being heard and becoming noticed so that they can rise above today’s noise. 

Suzie has been labelled the “quintessential connector” by Personal Development Guru Peter Sage and the “Modern Day Hitch” by the Daily Mail amongst many other names. 

In short, if you want to work with someone whose mind works at one hundred miles an hour, seeing different angles for everything that is possible for both you and your business, then you can’t go far wrong by trusting Suzie.