This blog covers Step 1 ‘Content & Confidence’ and is blog 3 in a series of 9

It’s critical to build a process that gets you booked and builds your speaking profile. Which means you need to get organised and maximise your time. Otherwise you run the risk of not getting notices, which means you don’t get booked and you end up wasting a lot of time hustling for speaking gigs.

Which means you need to start creating footage so you have proof that you are a speaker and it provides something for people to see. It helps to show agencies how you present yourself, how you sound, and what you look like.

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We help you build the foundation of your entire speaking landscape. You get to know and understand how it all works, how to approach event organisers and how to pitch yourself to them. We give you the structure, a deeper understanding of your target audience, so you can research event organisers and make the time to connect with them. When you understand how they think, and what they are looking for, you can better position yourself to fit the outcome they want to achieve.

So we help you get this right, we dedicate specific resources and spend a day focusing on it. We bring in people from the industry to help show you how they get booked for speaking events and what they know agencies are looking for.

This gives you a process to use, it helps you create the perfect profile and with this unique insider industry knowledge, you no longer waste your time and avoid making any bad first impressions.

If you are amazing on stage but could do with being better at selling yourself, or if you find it easy to promote yourself and get nervous when it’s time to be on stage.

Then we will help you get that balance right. It’s all about being a good talker and a good connector, and we help you get that balance right.

Bookings come so much easier when you have the perfect pitch, and when you understand the industry you want to speak in. You will quickly get to know who the influencers are within your chosen field of expertise to start networking and building closer relationships.

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We help you find the one thing that you can do consistently that creates results. So you can build the confidence and feel secure in the knowledge that your talk is right for them.

When you are standing in front of the right people and positioning yourself in the right way, you will find it so much easier to get booked by the right agencies.

Therefore getting in front of the right customers who will pay for your products or services. Resulting in more clients, more referrals which ultimately grows your business,
increases your cash flow and empowers you to have a greater impact.

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