The Art of the Elevator Pitch… creating 90 seconds of IMPACT!

How to create instant impact without wasting valuable seconds on “Hi my name is…” When your business depends on selling, whether it is a product or service, the first few seconds are paramount – most people know whether they want to call you back or not based on first impressions, so make it count!

We all know that the perfect pitch helps to build rapport, win clients and new businesses, forms partnerships and joint ventures, and most importantly, assist you to become an iconic brand. If you missed out on last night’s workshop, here is a summary of the valuable lessons learned:

The 5-step Elevator Pitch

1) WHICH problem are you solving?

Find different ways of ‘hooking’ people in by using catchy opening lines. For example, if you are a massage therapist a catchy opening line could be “I touch people” The use of metaphors can be very powerful when opening a pitch, this taps into people emotionally.

Remember: whenever you speak to someone you’re selling them the end result.

2) HOW will their life be better after using your product or service?

Will it save them money, time, make them loose weight or help them feel better? Think about incorporating a success story to aid the “how”.

3) HOW do you do it?

By what means do you deliver results? This will obviously depend on the type of business you are in – coaching, speaking, training, accounting, baking, figure-skating etc.

4) WHY you?

Why not the competition? What gives you the edge over your competitor? Here is a great opportunity to throw in facts and figures, for example “last year we saved 10 thousand pounds by using this app”


What are you offering? It could be as simple as a call back, a free one-hour session, or 25% off normal price for signing up. Nothing is worse than listening to a great pitch that just leaves you hanging. Give them something that will wet their appetite. If you’ve managed to connect with them via your pitch, a simple business card and call back is usually enough to get the ball rolling.

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