Let’s talk footage! My Female Speakers Conference co-host Lovelda can talk about this until the cows come home.

Lovelda is an International Moderator & MC energising audiences around the globe and together, we are running the Female Speakers Conference.

Annik & Lovelda started the Female Speakers Conference to create a platform that empowers female speakers stepping on more stage and getting paid for it. Their discovery that event organisers struggle to find female speakers startled them as there are so many brilliant female speakers in London & worldwide. This event is their contribution to bringing about a paradigm shift. We will explore the issue and educate and empower women to understand and take ownership of the business of speaking.

When Lovelda first started speaking a mentor advised that she filmed herself EVERY TIME she’d get on a stage. Why you ask? Surely, not all of this footage can be great? Let me tell you, every single minute of footage counts!


1. Proof – When you are starting out, your ability to get your next gig will be improved if you have evidence of your ability to speak and deliver. People are looking for different types of speakers so your ability to provide something for them to evaluate for themselves is important.

2. Showreel – If you think that at any point you want to have a real income stream from speaking, having a showreel is going to be important – tiny snippets of you on loads of different stages. Think of how much longer it takes to create the showreel if you just start taking footage when you think you want one. You’ve now got to wait to collect sufficient footage to add to a reel.

3. Feedback – The camera doesn’t lie! You’ll see the little things you do that if tweaked will improve your delivery. It’s a skill, regularly evaluating how you preform will help you improve. I periodically review footage of me on stage. I don’t necessarily watch the whole thing every time but it really gives me a clear idea on my progress.


I’m sure there are more reasons but these are the top ones off the top of my head.

Ooooh, for a bonus: If you are really going for it, grab some video testimonials at the end of each event. You’ll be surprised how quickly they start to add up.

Here is another short clip on FOOTAGE from our YouTube channel: The Importance of Public Speaking Footage to Get Paid Gigs.

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Love, Elliot & Annik x