Ollie Trew

“Joining Speaker Express was one of the most phenomenal experiences, I went from this ‘raw, rough and ready speaker with no structure to running my business [..] and using speaking as a way to attract clients.”

Deepak Tailor

“The main thing was working on preparation and dealing with difficult questions. I also learned to speak confidently about everything even if I had gone off script during the pitch and it didn’t go exactly how I planned, I knew how to keep the flow and impact.”

The Speaker Express training has been life changing. Before I’d even finished the 6-month course I had given 2 talks and sold from the stage. I was blown away that it happened so quickly. Not only that but I enjoyed my talks! When people asked if I was nervous I actually wasn’t! I was just looking forward to connecting with my audience. And not that I want to make people cry, but when I was vulnerable and shared my story knowing that it touched someone was brilliant.
Samantha Dunnage

The High Achiever’s Coach

When I wanted to take my public speaking to the next level I joined Speaker Express Speakers. Even though I´m a seasoned speaker I keep learning something new and perfecting my skills at every training.
Erlend Bakke

International Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker

The excellent feedback and guidance from Speaker Express has helped me to shape my sales offer and keynote into a clear purposeful inspiring 20 minutes for an upcoming multi-speaker conference. We used a very clearly defined structure, weaved in more stories, adjectives, testimonials and most importantly: focused on describing the results I can get with people when working with me. Every speech should focus on value, takeaways for the audience and results, never saw this so clearly. It is strange – with thousands of hours of practice with clients honing their journey of transformation you would think that telling people what I do would be easy, amazingly that is not so. However with the Speaker Express expert guidance I can now see the wood for the trees, and so will my audience. I feel 100% certain and ready to take my business to the next level.

Clara Gibson

Health and Wellbeing Coach & Master Practitioner of NLP

Public speaking is different to delivering a training session and I had the perception that it is formal and only the highly skilled can execute at a good standard. After attending a Speaker Express training my perception changed. One day instilled far more confidence than I expected. I started out terrified in the morning and at the end of the day, happy to speak to an audience for a few minutes with a non-polished speech. Not bad for a day’s learning! I always thought it’s not natural to me and now I have the tools to do it in a way that it is engaging for the audience and fun for me!

Shelina Prabatani

Business Adviser & Project Manager

I actually enjoy public speaking, so when I became a member of Speaker Express Speakers and attended a full day training on ‘Keynote Creation’ I was blown away by the content. The best was the constant practice during the session… we had to speak, speak, speak and put in practice what we were learning. Now, in addition to love speaking I also have a kick-ass keynote I am delivering on different platforms.

Patty Cruz-Fouchard

Productivity & Organisation Expert

The thought of speaking on stage made my blood run cold but I was inspired on that first Club Night to give a one minute talk about what I did. The rush was amazing. I swear I was buzzing for days! I went back every month then joined the Speaking Accelerator programme and embarked on a very powerful speaker training journey. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. The programme covers every aspect of speaking – from getting gigs to creating a pitch – in a very practical and supportive way. But I think the most powerful thing I took away from it was the confidence to just LET GO – of inhibitions, fear of criticism and judgement. That’s where authenticity comes from, and what connects to an audience. I recently delivered a TEDx talk I’m incredibly proud of and doing more and more corporate gigs.

Lizzy Nichol

Corporate Mindfulness

I signed up for the Speaker Express ‘Creating Your Signature Talk’ course in the hope that it would give me more confidence in delivering an impactful and thought-provoking talk. In fact, it gave me so much more. I came away from the course understanding how to be in flow on stage, how to do something completely different, how to connect and resonate with my audience and to bring my particular style and vulnerability to stage. I created a signature talk that offered my audience something so much more powerful than anything I have been able to deliver previously. A few weeks later I found myself on stage at Lloyds delivering my signature talk to over 200 people. The feedback I had was that the talk was both impactful and change-making for many of the audience. So much so that I have been asked to speak at three other events as a direct result. I would never have been able to achieve this without the incredible work of Speaker Express and would highly recommend their courses to anybody interested in public speaking.

Lucy Chamberlain

Founder, C&C Search Recruitment

I had the great opportunity to be a part of the 3-month Accelerator Program led my Annik and Elliot.
Before attending the Signature Talk I felt confused and mostly unsure about what will happen and how will it serve me. Not knowing much about the structure of that particular training it was of great use to me because the exercises took me by surprise and challenged me deeply out of my comfort zone. It was the first time I spoke in front of other people I didn’t know about personal and sensitive things. I was amazed by the group’s support and by the fast rhythm of the exercises. I wasn’t aware of their power until I got home later that day and everything simply looked different as if the room was different then when I left. And at that moment I realised that something profoundly changed. My perception of the outer world was different because my mind was stretched beyond its normal limit that day. The neuroplasticity of the brain is amazing when we do new things and when we are pushed out of our comfort zone. And Elliot and Annik did that with loving support and that was one of the things I valued the most. After that training, I knew I won’t be able to go back to an old way of being and most importantly was that I was honouring something I should have done long ago – to give voice to my truth and expression to who I am. I am very grateful for taking part in this program and I am constantly amazed by how this process changes me. I highly recommend it.

Roxana Nasturas

Event Sales Executive

The structures and tools that I learnt at the trainings – from how to sell without being pushy, to how to make an impactful entrance on stage, to emotional story telling, bringing powerful stage archetypes into my talks, anchoring, improvisation, MC skills and way more – set me up to be a great speaker when I was ready to take it beyond the training room. The vast majority of my VIP coaching clients have been attracted to work with me because of seeing me speak on various stages. I now speak at least once a week on different stages in the personal development, corporate and educational sectors. I have become one of the most highly rated speakers at the world’s biggest personal development meet-up – Interesting Talks London. I have speaking agents and get paid directly for speaking now too, rather than just using speaking as a marketing tool for my coaching business. The positive financial effect on my business of the speaker training has been huge, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and in my business.
Harriet Waley-Cohen

Wellbeing Coach

From Speaker Express I learned a number of different ways about making money from speaking and how to really perfectionise my elevator pitch. All sessions are interactive with content that you can put straight into action in your business. The best thing for me is the authenticity and integrity of Speaker Express, which is superlative. If you are looking for a supportive community and strategies that will transform your speaking and increase your income, get on board now!
Steven Cole

Founder at Tribe Selling

Speaker Express throws boring, structured training out of the window and instead focuses on authenticity and helping you to present naturally with self-belief. The training has helped me immensely in progressing with my corporate career. It’s great fun, lots of laughter and learning, definitely recommended for speakers at any level.

Toby Fischer

Head of AML, Sanction Screening Software & Data Sales

Confidence is key… If you don’t believe in yourself NOBODY will! Since becoming a member at Speaker Express Speakers, one of my biggest learnings and greatest surprises was to hear that one comes across very VERY differently (much more confident and self-assured) to other people than it feels to that person themselves! The way I found that out was by getting constructive feedback from other people within such a supportive environment – feedback I would have never got so honestly outside this environment. Speaker Express has changed the way I see myself. It doesn’t happen overnight of course, which is a reason that they run longer programmes.

Dorit Bagehorn

Lighting Designer

The greatest results in spreading my message and growing my business is through public speaking. As a member of Speaker Express Speakers I get stage time and training every month. If you have a business it’s a must for you to be able to speak from stage. Speaker Express is very different from any other speaking groups you will come across and the reason for that is because it’s experiential. You don’t sit down a lot but get to do, to play full-out and you get to actually experience what it is like to embody being an incredible speaker. As a result of that I progressed with my speaking in a short amount of time. You develop material that you can use for your speaking engagements. Speaker Express is fun, different, quirky and you receive invaluable feedback from different professional and international speakers on a monthly basis. Yes, it’s about being out there and doing it but how do you learn without professionals guiding you on your journey?

Marina Pearson

Founder at Marina Pearson Ltd, Effortless Business

I spent a small fortune on training and self-development over the years, from business mastermind groups, marketing training, coaching and membership communities. After a while it’s easy to get cynical about your investments and whether it is worth it. My Speaker Express investment though has paid off big time. I now speak regularly, get paid to do so with decent fees and more importantly have great self-belief in my delivery and content. This has opened doors for my business and created real opportunities to leverage my knowledge with a clear ROI.

Ash Taylor

Business Growth Consultant

I joined Speaker Express four months before my biggest speaking gig ever: a 45-minute plenary session to 300 people in the US. Speaker Express taught me how to be 100% myself on stage, how to be vulnerable, how to connect with my audience. After my speech, I received a standing ovation, 27 invitations to speak elsewhere, and my mailing list trebled. Do it. 

Elaine Hopkins

Author, Speaker & Adventurer

The biggest thing I have taken from the Speaker Express Training is the #useyourvoiceforgood because that encapsulates why I joined – to become better at telling people about why maths and statistics are so important to their everyday life (and in turn why I have the best job in the world). By taking on the challenges in the training I’ve learnt how to talk about areas of my work I absolutely love in different ways and have been stretched to improve my explanations. The most unexpected part is just how much fun the talks have become for me – I now look forwards to them!
Sophie Carr

Bays Consulting

I really enjoyed the course. I could do it in the evenings when my little girl was in bed so I wasn’t losing billable work time and I could pause it when I needed to make notes or jot down ideas when something that was said sparked a lightbulb moment. As everything is in easy to use chunks I could stop when necessary and pick up a few days later. I also really enjoyed learning about how the industry works and different ways to get paid for speech giving. It really opened my eyes to different possibilities.

Dr Josephine Perry

Chartered Sport Psychologist and Author of Performing under Pressure

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