Leigh Daniel has built her empire based on connections and word of mouth marketing.  She started a boutique law firm 25 years ago. Along with it, she owned a successful networking franchise and authored two books on divorce and custody.

After years of being a “pit bull lawyer” and being swept up in that energy,  Leigh turned her attention to heart-centered business. She transformed her law office into a beacon of hope for the thousands of clients she and her associates serve. Her law firm grosses well over 7 figures from a positive perspective.

She has presented many times from the stage of Mike Dooley, of the Movie “The Secret”, and launched a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs from 26 countries. She created this global movement from her connections, raising $300k in less than six months to fund Project Positive Change, the number one online portal for businesses owners and entrepreneurs who collectively want to change the world. She’s been asked to be a speaker at events worldwide and has created speaking opportunities for hundreds of people, creating revenue and more importantly to her, connection. She’s been called, “Social Media for the Soul”.