FREE Live Training: Stories That Sell

Learn how to make the right impact with your story, to help sell your services to the right customer.

Are you an entrepreneur with a story to tell?

In this two hour online training Elliot Kay, the co-founder of Speaker Express, will take you through proven structures and strategies that helped their clients win more business, make more money and grow even during uncertain times.

The truth is if you are not pitching and selling you could lose your business.

One of the best ways to win new clients and pitch is through the stories we tell.

Knowing which story is appropriate for what scenario is the the million-pound SECRET and we are going to share it with you!

In this LIVE Zoom training, we will cover:


How to be more confident and deal with nerves when presenting and selling


The 5 stories every entrepreneur needs to tell to promote a product/service and their brand


The different story structures that enroll your ideal clients time and time again which lead to a sale


How to be more engaging online


How to appeal to different buyers online




11.00 – 13.00
Wednesday 1st of July

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About Elliot Kay

As Co-Founder of Speaker Express, Elliot not only knows what it takes to build great stage presence but is also a master at teaching business owners how to transform their messages into a powerful growth tool.

Using his love of speaking to help build 3 successful businesses, Elliot has spent more than 7000 hours on stage, speaking to audiences across Europe, Africa, the US, and the Middle East.

What People Say About This Training Session:

I personally learned a lot on different ways to share a story and grounding techniques as I do get blocks!

I also loved how you coach and train! It was fun engaging and made everyone feel comfortable!

Claristelle Labrador

CEO & MD of Uproarvision

I had just had an amazing session with Elliot, really mind-blowing on public speaking.

Neil Dizon

Account Manager at Uproar Vision and Champtronix | Mentor