We are looking forward to seeing you grow in speaking & business confidence and sharing the stage with you.

You don’t have to attend all events to get amazing results but STAGE TIME, of course, is KEY to you becoming the best speaker you can be and it will take a few attempts on stage until you start feeling fully comfortable. Once that happens you can really focus on building techniques and skills. It’s very much like a gym membership – it’s not because you pay the fee that get you the results you want – it’s the discipline and effort put in that will take you from GOOD to GREAT.

Here are all 2019 dates for you all in one place, including the PDF to download at the bottom.

January 18  – Confidence

February 15 – Brand Message

March 14 & 15 – Signature Talk

April 12 – Get Booked

May 17 – Pitch & Sales

June 14 – Build Profile

19 July – Confidence Day

25 & 26 July – Strategy For Speakers

15 August – BONUS DAY – Speaking Archetypes & Speaker Modelling

16 August – Brand Message

12 & 13 September – Signature Talk

18 October – Get Booked

15 November – Pitch & Sales

13 December – Build Profile

Click the DOWNLOAD HERE button for all 2019 dates in PDF version.

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To your speaking & growth, Elliot & Annik x