Speakers for Hire

Elliot Kay

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

As Co-Founder of Speaker Express, Elliot knows what it takes to build great stage presence and how to use speaking as a transformative business growth tool. Using his passion for speaking to help build 3 successful businesses himself, Elliot has spent more than 6000 hours on stage, speaking to audiences across the world. With a passion for stretching speakers to their full potential, Elliot’s charismatic approach helps to enable aspiring speakers and business owners to quickly get the results they are looking for in an authentic and empowering way. Elliot is the author of 5 books including the best-selling Power to Succeed and is the founder of the Thriving Entrepreneur Conference.

Annik Petrou

Talent Scout & Co-founder

After years of fear to speak up about her ideas because they might sound silly to others, Speaker Express was born in 2011. Since then, Annik has seen and heard thousands of different speeches & pitches and delivered talks in the UK, Europe, Australia & Africa. Her clients include technology start-ups within Silicon Roundabout, consulting firms, CEOs, sales teams, high-end corporates and a recently funded business voted ‘Best Dragons’ Den Pitch Ever’. Annik has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully pitch for investment and funding, gain impact in the boardroom, give talks on TEDx stages, generate more leads or land big corporate contracts.

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Wellbeing Coach & International Speaker

Hunted down to speak for audiences including Microsoft, WeAreTheCity, Barclays and Invesco, Harriet has empowered thousands of people over the last 15 years to believe in themselves and their potential. Harriet’s mission is to make sure people know their true value. She empowers her clients and audiences to leave behind self-doubt, disempowering patterns and overwhelm in favour of new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that create confidence, wellbeing and success. She is described by Vanessa Vallely OBE, MD of WeAreThe City as ‘a real superwoman who empowers others wherever she goes.’

Gwendi Klisa

Brand Message Coach

Gwen is a brand message coach and tutor at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design based in central London. Her passion for branding goes back to her childhood where it was the ads, not the cartoons, that grabbed her attention! Since then she’s been an avid student of communications and climbed the ladder up to Creative Lead developing brands. But an entrepreneur at heart she craved the autonomy to be boss and started her own business. She helps coaches and consultants create irresistible offerings that sell using her proven strategy. Gwen has dedicated her work to help entrepreneurs master the 3 M’s (mindset, message and marketing) creating personal and business brands that enchant audiences.

Sarah Langslow

Executive Leadership Coach

“Sarah Langslow is an Executive Leadership Coach and founder of Sarah Langslow Coaching. She works with ambitious leaders who are already successful, committed to their own growth, and aware that by partnering with a coach they can create more, faster than they can on their own.
Her own journey has taken her from a corporate career to become an entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. She has an MA and an MBA from the University of Cambridge and came from a 15-year career in Management Consulting and Finance, successfully rising to senior leadership positions in both.

Based in London she coaches clients around the world. When not coaching you’ll find her on the river umpiring rowing regattas, or practising strongman (woman) moves at her local gym.”

Nina Cooke

Business Mindset Coach

Nina Cooke is a Peak Performance Business Mindset Coach, and has worked with hundreds of successful but stuck, business owners and experts who are frustrated because, inspite of all their hard work, they still aren’t getting the results they want and deep down, know they’re capable of. Her superpower is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why they’re struggling. And then showing them how they can clear out their subconscious “gridlocks” to leverage their thinking to create more profits, freedom and success. Nina hosts the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and on BBC Radio.

Elaine Hopkins

Author, Speaker, Walker

Elaine has a gift with words. She’s an author who speaks – well. And that’s rare. Labelled as ‘stupid’ and ‘weird’ as a child, she spent the first 59 years of her life adrift and confused. That was before she discovered she suffers from dyspraxia, a condition that affects co-ordination, memory and speech. Elaine used that discovery to propel herself out of confusion and chronic ill-health and onto the long-distance hiking trails of Europe. Over 5,000 kms later, she now speaks about potential, persistence and resilience. Elaine has inspired audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, and appeared on BBC television, local radio, and in regional newspapers.

Charli Hunt

Founder, Content Writer, Copywriter

Charli founded her business, Proof Content, in 2011 while studying for her finals at university. This pioneering content agency uses a network of freelance writers to ensure speedy delivery, reasonable prices and excellent quality. Charli now manages over 150 freelance writers; working with brands from nPower to Boots, Foyles to The Northbank.

Mary Jane Boholst

Author, Speaker, Coach

Mary Jane Boholst has for nearly a decade supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and aspiring introvert entrepreneurs to get over the shyness curse, uncover their hidden superpowers and grow thriving businesses.

Stella Anna Sonnenbaum

Somatic Coach and Sexologist, Facilitator, Speaker

Stella Anna Sonnenbaum MPH is a Somatic Coach and Sexologist with a busy practice in Central London, UK. Originally a licensed pharmacist from Berlin, she initially took up Tantra training over 15 years ago when seeking help and advice about how to create more intimacy in the sexless relationship she was in. She founded her company, Stella with Love, in 2014, with the aim of helping couples and individuals to find more intimacy with each other, and added her certifications in 2015 and 2016 to gain professional expertise in helping clients address and overcome sexual issues. She feels she has found her love and vocation, and gives workshops, lectures and presentations in order to make this very effective body-based approach better known, and to enable people to find more love and pleasure in their lives and relationships.

Liz Hardwick

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Founder @DigiEnable

“Liz Hardwick is an award-winning Professional Speaker, Trainer & Co-Founder of DigiEnable, based in Lancashire, covering across the UK and beyond. She regularly speaks about Digital Technology & Women in Technology at conferences across the globe, helping businesses and organisations be more digitally savvy and visible online.

With over 20 years experience in the media and digital sectors, previous career roles have been in broadcasting, working for some of the big names in TV, building and managing radio stations and recording studios, as well as supporting charities to produce their own digital content.
Liz has been recognised for her achievements in the TechWomen100, TechWorld’s Top 111 UK Women in Tech Speakers, BC’s 101 Female Founders in Tech, and the Digital Leaders UK 100.”

Marjolein Dutry van Haeften

Hormone Harmoniser and Nutritional Therapist

Marjolein’s mission is to help women navigate their way through menstrual madness and understand their cycle. She wants to show people that you can harness the power of your hormones and thrive without having to suppress debilitating symptoms through birth control. Marjolein’s own experience with endometriosis that wasn’t diagnosed until she was 30 is what fuelled her desire to specialise in supporting women’s health. Marjolein works with clients one-on-one in her nutrition clinic to support personalised dietary and lifestyle changes and give them the tools to take back control of their health and wellbeing.

Tania Diggory

Entrepreneur, Author and Mental Health & Wellbeing Speaker

Tania Diggory is an entrepreneur, mental health trainer and founder of Calmer, a company that empowers entrepreneurs and purposeful teams to nurture good mental health and wellbeing. Author of This Is Calmer: Inspiration, support and encouragement for the entrepreneurial mind, and a regular contributor to Psychologies Magazine, Tania has run three different businesses before the age of 30 and is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of balancing mental wellbeing with business success. Tania, alongside her team of associates at Calmer, delivers workshops, events, programmes, digital training and workplace training across the UK and abroad.

Juan Lopez

Youth Mindset Coach, Army Commander and Fitness Consultant

Juan is a youth mindset coach, military leader and a fitness consultant specialised in injury rehabilitation. Juan’s passion is working with young people, to help them define success and develop the mindset to help them achieve their goals consistently and fulfil their true potential. Juan also loves to share what the opportunity of being a military leader has taught him and the impact it has made on the teams he has lead. His life long passion and the vehicle that has helped him become a leader has been fitness, focusing on physical performance and injury prevention/ rehabilitation in the modern day lifestyle.

Julia Hollenbery

Spiritual Therapist, Embodiment Teacher, Speaker and Author

An experienced spiritual therapist, embodiment teacher, speaker and author, Julia brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness. Along with her professional trainings – in The Grinberg Method of Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra – she brings expertise in a wide range of spiritual traditions, including shamanism, sufism, kabbalah and inquiry, to help you envision and embody your unique potential. She offers sessions and workshops in London.

Janet Milner-Walker

Founder, Brand Architect, Coach

A passionate and highly experienced expert in the beauty industry, who has worked across markets for blue-chip beauty and luxury goods companies including Harvey Nichols, Body Shop, Boots, Marks & Spencers and De Beers. Has developed brands across all categories of the beauty industry from ‘concept to shelf’. Founded Bespoke Advantage as a brand management company in 2017, to work with business owners, entrepreneurs and established companies to develop purposeful brands across the beauty industry, that have a positive impact on peoples health, body, wellbeing and state of mind.

Cassie Hicks

Modern Marketing Spark

My mission? To show you how to market your business more effectively on Social Media so you stand out in your niche, and attract all the A-grade clients, leads and sales you can handle.

Andrew Hryniewicz

Executive Shaman, Expert In The Psychology Of Creativity And Innovation

Your mind is the most complex, sophisticated supercomputer we know of… And there is no limit to what you can accomplish when you learn to turn it on! Andrew’s big ‘why’ is helping his clients live in harmony and balance – with themselves, with each other, and with this beautiful planet we all share. His 35+ years as an architect-ecological designer, psychotherapist and shaman have shown him how to unlock our mind’s full potential. Since 2011, Andrew has helped 100s of men and women — from executives and professionals to artists, and singer-songwriters — use his “DeepMind” methods to be wiser, more creative, more fulfilled and happier in their personal and professional lives. His talks range from a 20 minute TED style talk, all the way to 2 and 3 day immersion retreats.

Sophie Carr

World’s Most Interesting Mathematician and founder of Bays Consulting

Dr Sophie Carr is the World’s Most Interesting Mathematician and founder of the award-winning Bays Consulting. Having achieved her childhood dream to work with aeroplanes, a chance encounter changed her research and career direction to embrace the uncertainty involved in solving tricky problems using statistics. Her work and regular talks help businesses and organisations understand how statistics and data science can start meaningful conversations and how these can be harnessed to drive change. In addition to her everyday work using maths and statistics for practical problem solving in businesses, Sophie continues to undertake research around the concept of matching patterns in data

Sammuel Yisrael

Wellbeing Architect

“Sammuel has a strong leadership, project management & business development experience.
He has a reputation amongst his clients for delivering excellence and igniting a positive, enthusiastic approach to their business.
From an early age Sammuel worked with volunteer groups and communities working with people like the homeless, disabled, people with learning disabilities – even going as far as Africa to work.

Sammuel is the founder of an award winning eco-sustainable permaculture farm (Sol Haven) with an education and rejuvenation centre that provides individuals with a safe working environment to learn, grow and blossom to their full potential.

Their aim is to connect homeless and vulnerable adults together with Mother Earth to improve peoples’ mental and physical wellbeing, while also giving something back to nature.”

Jaimie Sarah

Conscious Business Coach

Jaimie is a high performance business, brand and mindset coach for service-based business owners and directors, and owner of Definitely Definitely.

Beatrix Schmidt

Sleep Coach and Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

“After having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid twenties, she spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are and the number of hours we sleep. She believes that sleeping well at night is a skill that we can all develop.

She has been presenting workshops and talks for a number of years impacting the life of thousands of professionals. Her relaxed, practical and direct approach combined with extensive knowledge on how the body works and what helps us to sleep well at night makes her the ideal speaker to educate and inspire professionals to overcome their sleep issues and live a more rewarding, productive and balanced life.”

Elton Boocock

Author, Radio Panellist, CEO and founder of multiple businesses

Reshma Jobanputra

Sales and Marketing Coach for self-employed personal and professional service providers

Premila Puri

Fim Producer, Philanthropist and Kindness Champion

Jacqui Sansom

The Parenting Mentor

Natasha Caton

The Loving chef