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Here is everything you can get at The Stand Out Academy – we have created something very special here 

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  • You ARE EXHAUSTED from trying to shout above all the noise out there
  • You are frustrated with having to learn the latest ways to attract your clients – you just want to do what you were born for!
  • You want to make an impact in your industry but the competition is killing your confidence

In uncertain times, the opportunities to win business are limited. Regardless of whether you are pitching to win business, raising investment or wanting to win more clients, it is important to maximise every opportunity.

For the last decade we have worked with leaders and managers, business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, investors and entrepreneurs to hone their messaging, perfect their stories and help them to win more business.

But don’t take our word for it – See what some of our clients have to say:

We surveyed our community and the main challenge being faced right now is feeling lost in all the noise and lacking the confidence to play the big game


We work with so many unbelievably talented people who are simply being drowned out by the competition. They simply lack the techniques and confidence to stand out and be recognised for their expertise.

They don’t realise that everything they need is within them.

Their passion. Their authenticity. Their voice.

We want to see more people being heard in a time where authenticity, values, innovation and purpose are more important in our society than ever.  


We are so proud to be launching our brand new membership club. In times where investments of time and money are a scary prospect, Stand out Academy allows you to work at your own pace whilst also benefitting from the expertise of the team and the support of the community.

And for a limited time, we are offering an insane offer that you really don’t need to give much thought to!The Stand out Academy takes you through every step of the Speaker Method so that you can refine your message, develop and perfect a signature talk, learn how to raise your profile and seek opportunities to grow your business – and have the confidence to win over your prospects every time.

The Stand out academy will take you on a journey to unleash your ability to stand out and be recognised as a ‘go-to’ expert. .

Still not sure?

Lets see what results others have had….

I cannot recommend Elliot and Speaker Express enough! They are incredibly supportive and provide a safe space for you to practice and perfect your talk, to be seen, be heard and to use your voice for good!

Sarah Flynn

KAF Property investment company

Elliot’s workshop has been an absolute life-saver! I was able to start utilising the techniques immediately. In times of uncertainty, it has made a huge difference to follow a proven framework for creating a talk that generates interest and sales for my coaching program. I’ve gone from awkward talks, feeling icky about ‘the sell’, to a sense of pride at the value I’m now delivering, and the number of inquiries and new clients my ‘Free Masterclasses’ are creating. When Elliot took us through the step by step, I did think to myself it sounded too easy. I’m glad that didn’t stop me giving it a go. If you haven’t yet got a signature talk that creates sales and clients, then you need this course!

Gabriela Blandy

Writer, entrepreneur and coach

Speaker Express review
Speaker Express review
Speaker Express review
Speaker Express review

Join Gold Level - £1000 For the year

Join On Platinum Level - £1500

Here are the steps of your speaker journey

You’ll build your confidence that enables you to deliver powerful and effective presentations in front of any audience that convert interested listeners into ideal buying clients.

You learn to deliver your brand message with confidence and clarity, becoming an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

Now it’s time to create a signature talk that becomes so completing that your audience can’t forget you.

Make it easy to be found and get booked by different agencies, communities and experts.

You master the art of selling without selling by learning pitch and sales. You instantly grow your business and have a greater impact on more people.

We prepare you with the right content and messaging to build your profile and get found, so you are seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

What you can expect at the Stand out Academy?

  • Access to our exclusive 6 step Speaker Method Programme, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to raise their profile and grow their business
  • Weekly Group coaching sessions led by our specialist business coaches to keep you on track – both in business and mindset 
  • Being part of an inspiring community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will help you to be seen and heard
  • Monthly coaching calls with Elliot Kay to specifically tackle your speaking challenges and nail your talks
  • Monthly expert Masterclasses to support your business growth across all areas
  • ‘Job Board’ where you can post and seek speaking opportunities
  • Options to speak at our regular Club Nights
  • Cheat sheets, templates, challenges and tons of resources to accelerate your impact and help you stand out

And much more!

Speaker Express review
Speaker Express review
Speaker Express review

Join Gold Level - £1000 For the year

Join On Platinum Level - £1500

This is for you if:

  • You are an expert in what you do and you want to stand out and be heard and seen
  • You would like to be the face of your brand (even if confidence is currently an issue) and want to know how best to engage the people to speak with
  • You want to be part of an amazing community of supportive business owners and that you can support and be be supported by

This is not for you if:

  • You would rather be behind the scenes (nothing wrong with this, it’s just not what we teach!)
  • You are not committed to doing what it takes to stand out and be the voice of your brand
  • You are not yet clear about the direction or your business or brand

Have some questions about the community? No problem – book a call with the team here and we will happily tell you more about the Stand Out Academy Academy and how exactly it will help you and your business.

About Elliot and Speaker Express

I am Elliot Kay, for the last decade I have worked with leaders and managers, business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, Investors & entrepreneurs to help them to hone their messaging, perfect their stories and win more business. I am a two time best selling author and my last book Speak, Influence, Sell focuses on winning the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. Regardless what is going on in your business, using my unique structures and approach ensures that you have an opportunity to win business and that the language you use lands with your client or audience. Therefore maximising your opportunities during uncertain times.