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1. Do you feel confident dealing with difficult situations from stage [hecklers, technolgy not working or a restless audience]?
2. Would you feel 100% confident delivering a 30 to 60 min talk at short notice?
3. If you were to go blank during one of your talks or presentations, would you easily recover without the audience noticing?
4. Do you use audience interaction tools to engage difficult audiences?
5. Can you describe with impact what you do in 20 seconds including establishing your credibility?
6. When communicating your brand message, are people always clear about what problem you are solving?
7. Do you have different versions of your brand message depending on your audience? [Suppliers, end users, clients, partners, speaker bookers, conference organisers etc.]
8. Do you have case studies, testimonials and endorsements that help to increase your ability to overcome buying objections?
9. Does your 'why' clearly come through when you deliver a talk?
10. Do you have a 45 min Signature Talk that you could deliver tomorrow morning at 11 am to 200 industry peers?
11. You are booked to speak at an event. On arrival, the organiser asks you if you could deliver a 90 min talk [because one of the other speakers got stuck in traffic] instead of 45 min as discussed. Could you easily do that?
12. Have people in the audience told you before that you are the most memorable speaker they have seen?
13. Does your Signature Talk easily attract the right leads that later convert into clients?
14. Can you easily adapt the stories and content of your Signature Talk to suit different audiences?
15. Do you have a speaker sheet, media pack and a showreel (or at least quality footage of you speaking)?
16. Can people book you to speak easily via your website?
17. If you were in urgent need to generate leads, could you easily get yourself a booking for a gig in front of 50 people within 4 weeks?
18. Do you feel you are underpaid for your speaking opportunities based on the amount of expertise you have?
19. Do you speak at least 3x a month at different events?
20. Are you comfortable selling from stage?
21. Do you easily convert 15-20% of your audience into paying clients?
22. Could you raise £100K in under a month for your business?
23. Do you have a product or service that costs £1,500 and more?
24. Does your business have a turnover of more than £80,000 a year or more?
25. Do you get invited to speak or to be featured on podcasts or panels on a regular basis?
26. Have you recently been featured in the press about your subject of expertise?
27. If someone would Google your name, would you be positively featured with your speaking business in all of the results on page 1?
28. Do you have 3 active social media profiles with over 2,000 followers each?
29. Do you have well known people in the industry or celebrities endorsing you?