Where should I start if I am super scared of speaking?

Some (actually most!) of our BEST speakers started off HATING public speaking. They first came to us ahead of a speech they couldn’t get out of for a business, work or a wedding. Some would quite literally be sick with nerves at just the thought of speaking in front of an audience (including myself). If that’s you then – as much as it might seem impossible right now – maybe you’ll be one of our star speakers in the future! With the right tools, techniques and strategies, you can  – in just one day – turn that ‘hatred’ of public speaking into ‘love’. Find out how to Fall in LOVE with Public Speaking where we get you started with everything you need to know about the psychology of public speaking, nerves and how to deal with them.

I am an experienced speaker, will I still get value?
Yes. To truly master the art of public speaking it takes years of stage time, commitment and most importantly additional practice. Some of our trainers have accumulated over 6,000 hours of stage time plus we all constantly still train with masters from from all over the world. We bring all of this experience together to deliver training which helps even seasoned and experienced speakers get to the next level. Options include our 2 day intensive training Speak to Grow your Business and our 6-month Speaking Accelerator.  [You can download the info here]
What makes Speaker Express different?
In 1860s America the Speaker Express was a group of cowboys delivering mail from over a distance of almost 2,000 miles – from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California in almost 10 days. A brutal journey. At Speaker Express we do share their ethos of displaying courage in the face of risk to deliver important messages (like yours) to the world! Everything we do has an element of fun to it, because we have found over the years that ‘courage over comfort’ comes more easily by not taking yourself too serious. The skills you can gain when you improve your public speaking are incredibly powerful tools for delivering real-world results. This could be in your personal life, sports/hobbies, relationships or careers. Many of our members are also entrepreneurs who run their own consultancies, coaching practices and other businesses. We’re yet to find a business where better conversations, negotiations, pitches and presentations don’t lead to more prospects, more clients, more sales, more profits… more success.
How many people attend your events?
At the Club Night you will be surrounded by 60 other professional and aspiring speakers. 30 at the Speak to Grow Your Business training and the beginners day Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking is capped at 16.
Do I have to speak at the events?
The Club Nights include a presentation from a guest speaker (previous speakers have included former professional basketball players, TV presenters and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs) as well as a series of fun activities in groups. You’ll also get the chance to see some of our members give short speeches (prepared or impromptu) and get feedback from an X-Factor style (but friendly!) judging panel. At the Club Nights, any public speaking by audience members is strictly optional!
Does your training work?
Yes, as our training is not about sitting down in a classroom looking at a PowerPoint. Nor is it about churning out ‘cut and paste’ speakers who all use the same robotic hand gestures and stand the same way (sorry politicians!). We emphasise experiential and immersive learning techniques, which means taking the best bits from areas like improv, NLP, interactive games, clowning, leadership exercises and more and shake them together to produce an delicious and powerful cocktail that will get you on the road to your personal formula for successful speaking quicker than the ‘traditional’ methods that are used by so many but work for so few.
Who is attending?
There is no Speaker Express ‘type’ and there are no ‘entry criteria’ – all our welcome. Saying that, we do attract a certain kind, people who use public speaking grow their business and sell from stage, other trainers, entrepreneurs who are pitching for funding, Managing Directors, CEO’s or team leaders seeking more impact to inspire their teams, corporate professionals looking to a advance their career, creatives, solo-preneurs, freelancers or people who just started or about to start a new business. If you’re running a business (or thinking about starting one) check out our Speak to Grow Your Business course.
What topics are covered?
Public Speaking is not only the art of standing up and presenting in front of people, it’s also about storytelling, authenticity, connection, how to speak to the media, how to sell yourself better – basically anything that helps you being less judgemental of yourself including overcoming Imposter Syndrome and fear of rejection.
What is the difference between the Speakers Club Night and the Members Club?
The Speakers Club Night is a monthly event open to everyone. Our Members Club or Speaking Accelerator is a 6-month programme taking you from beginner to professional by training you in modules like selling yourself better, content creation, structure, impactful storytelling, media training, running workshops, vocal coaching, speaking archetypes or pitching to win more business. For more details about the Speaking Accelerator click here.
Does Speaker Express do 1-2-1 mentoring?

Yes. Most often only recommended for strategic content creation or other specific things as one learns best in front of others with feedback from a group. We have found that the 3-month Speaking Accelerator gets the best results for aspiring speakers and has taken people who have never spoken before to doing a TEDx within 4 months. If you have a specific requirement you can book a

What if I still don’t know where to start?
Simply click here to arrange a call with one of the trainers to answers your questions and look at how Speaker Express can strategically support you with your speaking.

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