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6:30 PM Networking
Intro & Icebreaker by @speakerexpress
THEME: Club Night – How To Structure A Talk That Sells


 Your MC of the Night 
Reshma Jobanputra

            1st  Speaker – 5 min – Cassie Hicks, ‘Next Level Marketing – A Breakthrough’

       2nd  Speaker – 5 min – Roxana Nasturas, ‘The Co-Dependent – Narcissist Trap’

One Trick Ponies – 1 minute – 

Announcements & Boardroom Session Details – Annik

          3rd Speaker – 5 min – Andrew Hryniewicz, ‘Have you been ACEd?’

***B R E A K – 15 min***

Audience Stage Time Corner – 6 people for – 1 minute
                       (***stories, stories, stories – no business pitches here)                                                                                                                                 

Plug – THE END9:30 PM – Networking

Have a fabulous evening. Your Speaker Express Team x

Speaker and Judges

Annik Petrou
Founder at Speaker Express – @speakerexpress

Elliot Kay
Lead Trainer at Speaker Express – @elliotkay

Speak to Grow your Business Boardroom – 1 Day Intensive – October 2019

(1 Day Intensive)

Let us help you with your speaking strategy.

Thu, 3 October 2019 : 09:15 – 17:00 BST

WeWork Mark Square in Shoreditch
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United Kingdom


Speaker Express started back in 2011 off the back of the idea that everyone can fall in LOVE with public speaking.

Setting out to give glossophobics (that’s people scared of public speaking) the opportunity to gain confidence in a fun and powerful way, Speaker Express was born.

Today we run a variety of events & courses, from our monthly Speakers Club Night, and Boardroom Session and a 3 or 6-month Speaking Accelerator.

The philosophy behind Speaker Express is the concept of risking something. We got inspired by the 1860s American PONY Express –  a mail delivery service where young pony riders like Buffalo Bill risk their lives delivering a message.

Same today. It might feel daunting to present in the boardroom, pitch to a panel of serious investors or a room full of industry peers – will you be impactful enough to present your ideas? With the right training, nothing has to be left to chance.


Speaker Express teaches in an interactive & experiential way. You will be up learning and doing most of the time, ensuring a much higher progress and learning retention. Experiential learning is a high-impact educational training practice.

It’s a learner-centred approach that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone, actively involved and responsible for your progress in a safe environment. This training format guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach.