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Hello and welcome to ‘The Speakers’ Method’, this is a proven framework that has been put together from working with 1000s of successful business owners & entrepreneurs. It’s based on 6 key components that every speaker should have and work on to generate new clients and accelerate their business growth.

Pillar 1: Confidence
Confidence is key when it comes to growing any business but when you add public speaking to the mix, it’s more than general confidence that counts. We teach you confidence that enables you to deliver powerful and effective presentations in front of any audience that convert interested listeners into ideal buying clients.

Pillar 2: Brand Message
When you can deliver your brand messaging with confidence and clarity, you get to have fun and enjoy influencing people’s lives. You start to attract more sales, get more bookings and build an incredible profile. Your opportunities start to expand as you become an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

Pillar 3: Signature Talk
Now that you’ve been working on your grounding methods to control nerves and taken a deeper look into getting visible, it’s time to create a signature talk that becomes SO COMPELLING on stage that your audience CAN’T forget you.

Pillar 4: Get Booked
When you start getting booked more as a speaker, you will ultimately win more business. Which means your speaking becomes the perfect growth strategy. We help you make it easy to be found and get booked by different agencies. With the use of showreels, speaker sheets and photography.

Pillar 5: Pitch & Sales
We help you to be in control and choreograph your talk so that you appeal to your different buyers. When you are seen as an authority and your solution is the next logical step for your ideal clients to take if they want to achieve the results that they have been searching for. You master the art of selling without selling, you instantly grow your business and as your business grows so does it’s revenue and profit, therefore you get to have a greater impact on more people.

Pillar 6: Build Profile
We make sure you have the right content and messaging to get found. Making it easy for your ideal clients and agencies to find you, and understand what you do. So there is no confusion, and you are seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.


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