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Do you want to use speaking to attract more business, expand the reach of your brand and make more sales?

Do you want more visibility as a speaker and build on your expert status? 

Do you want to increase the number of gigs you do, your fee or get signed with a speaker bureau?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above but you aren’t clear HOW to do it then this tailored 9 month ‘Building a Speaking Business’ programme is for you.

This programme has been designed specifically to give you clarity on building your speaking profile, including everything you need to know to up your speaking fees and gain more market presence.

It’s also about the work behind the scenes; the nuts and bolts of getting out there and getting paid.

The programme will guide you through the process of creating your very own media pack, a speaker reel, and PR strategies, as well as advising you on what speaker bookers want and understanding the psychology of Learning & Development Managers.

Entry requirement: you must already be running a business, and either have some speaking gigs under your belt or be ready to start immediately.

You should have your Signature Talk locked and loaded, products and services to sell or corporate ambitions.

What’s involved in the programme:

  • 6x Live Training Days – Content Mornings & Implementation Afternoons
    • Working out your next steps and getting it done all in one day!
    • Venue & Location: Central London
  • 9x monthly in-depth Mastermind Sessions
    • via Zoom to support your speaking strategy & accountability
  • Bi-weekly 10 min Kick-Ass calls when needed
    • One with Annik and one with Elliot.
    • You might find you don’t need these but we’re here if you need us.
  • Access to all Speaker Express Accelerator Training
    • 10 days of training & Club Nights to refine your speaking delivery & a chance to practice new material.
    • Professional filming / footage included.
  • Priority access to speaking gigs
    • You’ll be top of the list for incoming speaking gigs that fit your skill set.
    • Plus, you’ll get one guaranteed gig either at a Speaking Accelerator Session or our professionally filmed Club Night.

What you’ll get out of it the programme:

    • Refine your target market & messaging
    • Develop your brand as a speaker
    • Online visibility strategy
    • Social Media review
    • Your content, speaker identity and proof of expertise
    • Fill your calendar with gigs
    • Speaker sheet/press kit/media pack
    • Introductions and connections to key industry professionals
    • Breaking into the corporate market or upping your game in the sector
    • Getting paid gigs
    • Streamlining the admin
    • Bookings, contracts and T&Cs
    • Forms and speaking contracts
    • The 7 mistakes to avoid when approaching organizers
    • Short- and long-term speaking gig strategies
    • Partnerships/JV’s & other forms of collaboration
    • Running your own events and workshops
    • Refining your business model
    • Packaging your upsell
    • Systems, processes & sales funnel optimisation
    • How to charge a premium
    • Breaking down your pitch for more impact
    • How to enhance your expert profile
    • Getting into publications
    • Getting noticed as a speaker

“I spent a small fortune on training and self-development over the years, from business mastermind groups, marketing training, coaching and membership communities. After a while it’s easy to get cynical about your investments and whether it is worth it. My Speaker Express investment though has paid off big time. I now speak regularly, get paid to do so with decent fees and more importantly have great self-belief in my delivery and content. This has opened doors for my business and created real opportunities to leverage my knowledge with a clear ROI.”   – Ash Taylor, www.ash-taylor.co.uk

“A year ago, I was stressing out about an (unpaid) talk at the Ada’s List Conference, that’s what brought me to Speaker Express. Last week I was standing on a stage as a featured (paid) speaker at the Women’s Equality Party conference. I’m sharing the stage with someone I hugely admire who has made a serious impact for women in the UK. They gave me 10 minutes to speak, the other speaker only 5. Thank you Speaker Express for helping me grow so much in the last year!” – Emily Hunt

Each topic is covered with a  day training where half a day is delivered by an expert in their field and then the afternoon is dedicated to implement what you have learnt.

Each intake starts with a kick off work day where we work with you to map out your speaking strategy. We will also end with a graduation day and an event open to the public to showcase your work.

The result of the next level is a fully thriving speaking business (or the beginning of one, depending on where you are currently at) with paid speaking arrangements and/or you gaining clients from your gigs.

All intakes are on application only to ensure we are the right fit for each other. You results are our results and vice versa.

The next level is for people who want to truly do more than just speak, it is for the committed who want a speaking business.

Apply below or email Annik hello@speakerexpress.co.uk or call 077 343 12891. 

We are looking forward working together. Elliot & Annik x

Keep the momentum and join 2,000 other professional & aspiring speakers in the Speaker Express Facebook group here or join our free training taking your through The Speakers’ Method, our proven way to grow your speaking business.

We are looking forward working with you or meeting you at one of our events.

To your speaking, Elliot & Annik x