This blog covers Step 2 ‘Boardroom’ and is blog 7 in a series of 9

If any of this has resonated with you and you would like to learn more, then feel free to join our 1 day boardroom session.

If you want to use speaking to help grow your business, then we can help you.

If you are speaking already, it’s now about moving into bigger opportunities and creating more leads so you generate more sales and have a bigger impact within your industry.

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We will help guide you on how to get more qualified leads by integrating your speaking as a strategy that grows your business. You will have a new signature talk that raises your profile and gets you in front of new audiences.

Come spend the day with us and we will take you through the 6 elements of the speakers method. You will leave with the understanding of where you are now as a speaker, where you need to go and what to do about it.

We will work with you to build an elevator pitch that’s very effective and useful. It will allow you to communicate your core message so you win more speaking gigs.

We will show you how to grow your business through effective networking and you will have the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs on the day. So if you are serious about using speaking as a growth strategy for your business, come spend the day with us, if you like us, we can work together and continue your learning experience, if you don’t – we shake hands, no hard feelings.

You will walk away with a personal speaking strategy, and you will understand exactly what is needed to build your speaking business. We will work on a solid audit of where your shortcomings are and then give you the required action steps on how to address them and get them converting at their highest percentage.

To learn more about delivering a signature talk with confidence – Click here to download your free eBook guide “The Speakers’ Method”:

We help you within several levels of your business, during our interactive boardroom day we perform a speaking audit to help create your speaking strategy and highlight where you are and what might need fixing to help get you where you want to be.

We work on polishing your elevator pitch so you understand what it takes to communicate your brand message.

Then you learn more about the speakers method, and we go through exercises on all of the 6 core areas that help build your speaking strategy.

We make sure you have a strategic approach to your signature talk that creates and makes an impact. This all comes together and what you get by spending a day with us is a deeper understanding of how the speaker method fits into your business, how it fits into your life. You leave with a proven system that will get you more highly qualified sales leads, that will help you convert rooms of people into ideal clients, raise your profile, get your brand out, which will help you to pitch and sell, which means more money, more clients, more growth and more impact as an authority.

You will get to meet other like minded entrepreneurs wanting to achieve similar results with their speaking. We get you to work on your signature scripts and then talk in front of the class, so you get out of your comfort zone and get practice. This is also a great opportunity to get feedback from ourselves and others to measure your own progress.

This day is not just theory, you are up speaking which helps you identify any shortcomings and make changes that can be tested and proven to convert at higher percentages. You will be guided with experts and the founders who have worked with all different types of business owners.

 It takes time to work on and perfect each part of your signature talk so that it converts a room full of strangers into a room full of sales leads who share similar emotional connections. 

 We fully appreciate and understate what needs to be done, and that’s why we work very closely with you. This is your time to create a powerful narrative that builds the confidence in you to achieve the results that you and your business deserves.

At Speaker Express, we believe that we learn best by doing. That’s why we take an experimental approach to our public speaking and pitch training that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone and actively involved in a supportive, safe, FUN and encouraging environment that guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach.

With the belief that everyone can overcome nerves and gain the confidence to speak to
audiences of all sizes, Speaker Express provides training and support for anyone using public speaking as part of their business growth strategy or to advance their career.

We’ve helped thousands of speakers hone their messaging, significantly increase visibility and book more gigs to gain business funding, growth and exposure through national TV appearances like Dragons’ Den, Tedx talks and more.

We love the philosophy that experience is the best teacher hence we are great promoters of experiential learning through interactive exercises. This way, people don’t leave with an

information overload and piles of notes that get filed away and become nothing more than waste paper and ‘shelf-help’.

Your words and the way you deliver them can move people into action, and even change the world. Yet many people are afraid of public speaking, or need to develop clarity in pitching their brand, mission or passion.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs, artists, solopreneurs, established speakers, CEOs, corporate employees or non profit professionals and others.

So we are looking forward to working with you and taking your speaking & business to the next level.

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