One reason people come to Speaker Express is because they don’t like the sales bit of their business, feel squeezy about sales conversations but want to get better at selling themselves or getting their products or services to market. Part of that is understanding that all you do is educating people about the value you can bring to their life’s, business or corporation. There will be thousands of people, if not millions, who will need your service so don’t be shy shouting about it, otherwise they will end up with the person that is more visible than you but not necessary as good as you, product and service wise.

I get it, there will be people who won’t buy because they don’t like you, they think you are too expensive or for whatever reason but that’s okay too. Do you like everyone? For example, I would NEVER buy an Android phone no matter how good their marketing or service is as I am super loyal to Apple and really love Steve Job’s philosophy on design. My husband is the opposite and wouldn’t touch an iPhone with a bargepole. Both are great products though and the better you understand your target audience the less you will end up with people rejecting what you offer, building a loyal community of people buying from you and referring you.

One tiny little activity you should do (either once or until you really FEEL your OWN VALUE) is to take some time and write down what you are REALLY selling and getting clear about the difference between features, benefits and results

Here is what I mean:

At Speaker Express we run a 3-hour workshop called Speak to Grow Your Business. What this workshop REALLY is about is helping attendees to have more confidence in what they are selling, understanding how & where to get speaking gigs to promote their services and also how to pitch. In more emotional language: the workshop instills internal conviction in yourself about what you are selling, authority on getting out there and clarity on how to communicate that value. (It’s a solid start with this, there is a reason we run longer programmes as many deep-rooted detrimental beliefs about yourself can’t be undone in 3-hours.)

Broken down that looks like:

FEATURE: a strategy on how to get speaking gigs

BENEFIT: more visibility and opportunities to generate leads (people you can sell to)

RESULT: increased turn-over, peace of mind as there is money in the bank and a better lifestyle as you don’t have to constantly worry about cashflow and can focus on growing the business not just surviving (that will enable you to work less, go on holidays more, buy shoes…whatever floats your boat).

[Repeat for all other features too and go into the benefits and results]

Best simple exercise ever to get to the CORE of your offer. We always do that before launching a new product or training as it gives you clarity and an understanding of what it is people will get from spending money with you. In case you don’t have a business, guess what, YOU ARE YOUR PRODUCT so this is exercise is for you too, what features do you have as an employee and what benefits do you add to your company and what are the results you create? The better you know your value, the easier price and salary negotiations are.

Loads of LOVE, Annik & Little Pony

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