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  • Ensure you stand out as an expert speaker
  • Know how to market yourself in order to get bookings
  • Make sure that whenever you speak it leads to business growth
  • Get paid everytime you speak

Friday 29th of May 2020 

Elliot Kay and other experts in their field, will take you through how to develop a solid speaking strategy ensuring you get booked and get paid while growing your business.

What you learn will allow you to create a sustained period of high demand for you, your products and or services as a result of speaking.

This is perfect for you if you:

You are a Founder, MD or CEO who wants more exposure for your brand

Want to be seen as an influencer or thought leader in your industry

Are looking to attract more of your ideal clients through speaking

  • What are the keys to being memorable as a speaker
  • The key principles to using speaking as a marketing tool
  • How to get more bookings
  • The Speakers Method – the 6 principles to grow your business through speaking
  • The key business models to ensure you get paid
  • What fees to command
  • How to use speaking to attract your ideal client and convert them

The Problem:

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know how to get booked and how to get paid when they do. At Speaker Express we have worked with countless MD’s, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs and the number one question we get asked is:

“How do I get booked to speak?”

The second question is:

“How do I get paid?”

This is because a lot of business owners want to use speaking to grow the business, some already do, however to do in way that has an impact, sells your product and promotes your brand, that is the challenge.

The Solution:

Learn the four key steps to marketing your business through speaking

Join Speaker Express as we show you step by step how to get booked, get paid and therefore grow your business through public speaking.

Packed with implantable information and guidance on exactly how to get booked, get paid and grow your business through speaking – Register now. 


What others say:

“I now speak at least once a week on different stages in the personal development, corporate and educational sectors. I have become one of the most highly rated speakers at the world’s biggest personal development meet-up – Interesting Talks London. I have speaking agents and get paid directly for speaking now too, rather than just using speaking as a marketing tool for my coaching business. The positive financial effect on my business of the speaker training has been huge, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and in my business.”

Harriet Waley-Cohen

International Speaker & Wellbeing Coach

“I signed up for the Speaker Express ‘Creating Your Signature Talk’ course in the hope that it would give me more confidence in delivering an impactful and thought-provoking talk. In fact, it gave me so much more. I came away from the course understanding how to be in flow on stage, how to do something completely different, how to connect and resonate with my audience and to bring my particular style and vulnerability to stage. I created a signature talk that offered my audience something so much more powerful than anything I have been able to deliver previously. A few weeks later I found myself on stage at Lloyds delivering my signature talk to over 200 people. The feedback I had was that the talk was both impactful and change-making for many of the audience. So much so that I have been asked to speak at three other events as a direct result. I would never have been able to achieve this without the incredible work of Speaker Express and would highly recommend their courses to anybody interested in public speaking.”

Lucy Chamberlain

Founder, C&C Search Recruitment

“When I wanted to take my public speaking to the next level I joined Speaker Express Speakers. Even though I´m a seasoned speaker I keep learning something new and perfecting my skills at every training.”

Erlend Bakke

International Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker

About the main presenter Elliot Kay

As Co-Founder of Speaker Express, Elliot not only knows what it takes to build great stage presence but is also a master at teaching business owners how to transform their messages into a powerful growth tool. Using his love of speaking to help build 3 successful businesses, Elliot has spent more than 6000 hours on stage, speaking to audiences across Europe, Africa, the US, and the Middle East.

With a passion for stretching speakers to their full potential, Elliot’s down-to-earth and charismatic approach enables aspiring speakers and business owners to quickly get the results they are looking for in an authentic and empowering way. Acting as a mentor and teacher, his success in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs use the stage to build heir business led to the creation of The Speakers’ Method, a proven formula to getting more growth and exposure exclusive to Speaker Express.

Elliot is also the author of 4 books including the best-selling Power to Succeed and is the founder of the Thriving Entrepreneur Conference. When he’s not on stage, mentoring speakers, or building his business empire, you can find Elliot spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter or training for his next half marathon.

Key Presenter

Marjolein Dutry van Haeften

Hormone Harmoniser and Nutritional Therapist

Your Host 

Marjolein’s relationship with speaking was firmly planted in the severe anxiety category until May 2019. Since joining Speaker Express Marjolein has hosted her own events, spoken on behalf of other companies, moderated panel discussions and will be hosting this year’s two-day event. Now, when she’s not speaking about how to harmonise your hormones to transform your life, Marjolein can be found showcasing the expertise of other brilliant entrepreneurs and speakers.

Maria Franzoni

What does a speaker bureau do? How do they work?

We will have speaker booker Maria Franzoni with us. Maria has worked with amazing people like, Richard Branson, Neil Armstrong, Steve Wozniak, Mary Robinson and Jacques Villeneuve (to name a few).

MFL (Maria Franzoni Ltd) was formed by Maria Franzoni after years of working in both business and Speaker Bureaux with the support and encouragement of Tom Kenyon Slaney and Brendan O’Connor (Founders of the London Speaker Bureau).

MFL is a group of very experienced people who really want to make a difference to an organisation and go beyond the speaker booking to create real change and continued momentum for clients.  MFL is not in the B2B business but in the H2H business; human to human.  More than just a Speaker Bureau, we are Agents of Change.

Warren Knight

How to use technology to grow your speaker business

Warren Knight is an award-winning keynote speaker a top 100 Global Influencer and top 100 Tech Influencer, he’s internationally recognised as a speaker, trainer and coach on Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation, with nearly 15 years digital experience he’s an award-winning technology entrepreneur, certified Agile leader and author of Think #Digital First.

Change agent Warren Knight’s personal approach to transforming how we view disruptive technology is to empower individuals with positive choices to reach business objectives and as a result, builds stronger companies and more engaged communities.

Jon Card

What businesses and speakers really need to know about the media

Jon Card is the author of How to Make Your Company Famous and has worked as a business journalist for The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times. He is a public speaker and has delivered talks and workshops on business storytelling, media and press for entrepreneurial audiences at Innovate UK, University College London and The Supper Club.

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