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GEM Talks – From Surviving to Thriving in 2021 – LIVE

November 27, 2020

GEM Talks – From Surviving to Thriving – LIVE










GEM Talks is a multi-speaker event which will provide you with positive practical steps to create positive changes to thrive in 2021

About this Event

GEM Talks – Thrive in 2021

Grow (on the inside) 

Expand (beyond your limits)

Maintain (take consistent action)

We can agree it has been a strange year, right? We want to make sure that 2021 is THE year for you.


◻️ Would you like to start 2021 strongly?

◻️ With clear focus to achieve your goals and peace of mind?

◻️ Would you like to thrive in 2021?


Gem Talks is all about YOU having a strong finish to 2020 and preparing for 2021 We want to support you to have exactly that! Success, focus and peace of mind. Gem talks is a live and interactive day which is delivered as virtual conference. There will be over 10 experts speaking throughout the day, all bringing not only insights but practical and implementable steps.

Each expert has been chosen because of their deep knowledge and expertise in the topic they will be speaking about. This is all about bringing you value so you can finish the year strong and prepare for 2021.


• Powerful tools to maintain and develop a clear mind

 • Strong insights and actionable steps to grow your business

 • Deeper insight into how to be a leader in world as it stands today.


How it will work: Once you buy your ticket we will send you the zoom link for your session. Once your session is finished you are welcome to stay on or carry on with your evening.

Confirmed GEM speakers are:


Confirmed GEM speakers are:

Confirmed GEM speakers are:


81 Curtain Road,
United Kingdom



Julia Paulette Hollenbery

From Fear to Fulfillment: The Deliciousness Path

Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an Author, Therapist and Facilitator. Her book, Universe of Deliciousness, How we’ve been sold short on life and how we get our pleasure back, will be published internationally in 2021 by Inner Traditions. Over 30 years, she has guided countless clients, through sessions and workshops, to deep creativity and confidence, for satisfying relationships, meaningful work and a passionate life. She is mother of a fiery young daughter, loves to dance wildly and spend quiet time near oceans and forests.

Jenetta Barry

2021Vision : Accurate Insight and Techniques for Starting Over

Jenetta Barry, CEO and Founder of The Epiphany Process, has walked the walk and talked the talk when it comes to working through trauma and crisis.

As an international on-line consultant who is also based in Harley Street London, Jenetta is a crisis expert who came to terms with personal tragedy –– the suicide of her 16-year-old daughter. In doing so, she discovered a remarkable source of emotional resiliency –– and a process for imparting it to others. 

Jenetta today is sought after internationally as a transformational influence to troubled and suicidal teens, and as the go-to counsellor for people in crisis (including all those in crisis through Covid 19)  – and was flown in to counsel terrorist-attack survivors in Kenya.

She also certifies life coaches and healers in her signature process for achieving emotional resilience and mastering the art of inner harmony.

Jenetta who was recently interviewed by the BBC, has been a regular featured guest on M-Net TV, and is also a published author featured alongside Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Michael Beckwith (The Secret), Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King’s niece).


Teresita Lopez Pulido

Transform Your Inner Critic to Become Your Inner Cheerleader

1. Learn the 5 steps to champion and transform your inner critic.

2. How to move from crisis to strength.

3. Be your own buddy.

Teresita is the founder and director of Divine Affinity, Master Intuitive Holistic Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Advanced certified practitioner and instructor of the healing modalities of Thetahealing®, Reiki and NLP Diploma Practitioner.

Teresita has delivered personal development workshops in London, Republic of Ireland, Grenada, and Venezuela. She is the winner of the Lift Effect Star Award for two consecutive years 2017 and 2018, this award was given to 100 women who made a great impact in the community.

Her vision is to inspire, support and to teach women to love and accept themselves and know their worth. Guiding them throughout their transformation, so they can feel that they belong. Start living without limiting beliefs, creating a positive lifestyle. Finding and aligning with their purpose, and finally living in balance and calmness.

Using all her passion and experience, Teresita has worked and supported thousands of women, through private sessions, talks, personal development workshops and courses, as well as meditation/healing events. Helping these women to overcome their past, sadness, physical and mental health issues, so they can feel emotionally and physically recharged and finally live a fulfilled life, exploring new possibilities.”

Marjolein Dutry

How to Combat Lockdown Burnout

1.What are the different stages of burnout

2.The interventions required for recovery including nutritional, supplement and lifestyle interventions

3.Why burnout has a devastating impact on your hormone health

Marjolein is a hormone-harmonising nutritional therapist who has made it her mission to educate on why we must address period problems and empower women on how to take back control and overcome their health issues.

Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewcz

How To Nuke That ‘Job Of The Living Dead’

(So you come alive and vital again, while finally being rewarded, respected and recognised for who you really are…)


The 3 Key questions to create a career and a ‘life worth living.’

How to use the ‘path of manifestation’ to create anything you desire.

The power of mastery to be, do, and have anything you want to be, do and have.

Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz (architect, psychotherapist, shaman) is an expert in the psychology of resilience and peak performance. Andrew helps visionary leaders, executives and professionals create lives and careers full of success, fulfilment and purpose.

Catherine Sutton

What’s Indoor Air Got to Do With It?

Catherine Sutton founded Airborne Allergy Action along with other affected mothers to raise awareness of the benefits of allergen avoidance, alongside prescribed medication, for asthma and other allergic illnesses. She has been a member of the Technical Advisory Panel for the Royal College of College of Paediatrics and Child Health Report into Indoor Air Quality, has contributed to the publications for the Global Centre for Clean Air Research and is a member of the Public and Community Oversight body overseeing UK research into the key environmental factors which will protect the health of the population.

Rebecca Warner

Leading With Certainty in Uncertain Times

1. You’ll come away with a different perspective on leadership and what it means to lead effectively amidst uncertainty;

2. You’ll come away with a new and upgraded paradigm for communication and communicating certainty without misleading anyone;

3. You’ll also come away with practical advice for enhancing your and your teams performance that you can implement straight away.

Rebecca is a leadership coach for successful professional women who want to unlock what they really want leaving behind the expectation of others and who want to deepen their conscious leadership.

Using her signature system of the 3C method; helping them to master confidence, clarity and communication. She does this by combining traditional markers of success with a focus on wellbeing alongside her tried and tested 3C method.

She brings commitment, integrity and inspiration to her work and others, with a real hands-on practical approach. She has leadership experience in different sectors including government, education, law, the corporate world and life as an entrepreneur.

Jo Farmer

Where’s Alan? How to Find Your Hidden Geniuses In Your Workforce

1. Understanding the autistic mind and how communication differs;

2. The skills autistic people can bring to Business, especially important in this post COVID-19 world, to help them recover and flourish;

3. How to attract, keep and grow in companies.

Jo was diagnosed late in life, having struggled to fit in at school and work. A lot of this was down to autism. Based on this experience a system has been developed to help management to understand how to better work with and help autistic people get and flourish in work

Sarah Flynn

Combating Financial Uncertainty

1. The importance of creating multiple income streams

2. Understanding how to safely invest in the UK Property Market

3. Securing your financial future

Sarah Flynn is a successful Property Investor/ Developer and Business Owner, and has built up a portfolio using 2 main strategies of HMO’s (House Shares) and flips. Sarah has invested heavily in the UK property market, and focuses on making multiple income streams out of each property as opposed to buying property in volume.

Sarah started her career in the corporate banking world, spending almost 10 years in the financial sector, working for global giants Lloyds Banking Group. Previous positions included a number of sales operational roles, Risk and Audit Manager roles and high-level Project Management roles.

Her company – KAF Properties – was founded in 2016, following the tragic death of her 19 year old brother, which had a profound impact on her life, leading her into pursuing her dream as a serial entrepreneur. Sarah regularly speaks publicly about her journey, in her mission to inspire others to also believe that there is life after trauma.

Sarah’ is also the owner and host of an inspirational podcast called The Ambitious Entrepreneur – where she interviews hugely successful people such a multi-million pound business owners, Olympic gold medallists, and film producers; discussing what continues to drive them forward, and what’s made them as successful as they are today.

Manpreet Azad

From the Crippling Fear of Living with Food Allergies to Living a Life Without Limits

Manpreet Azad a mum of 2 left her 20 year career in Marketing when her daughter at 8 months was diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies. She struggled find childcare at the time that she could trust to take care of her daughter.

From her own experience of dealing with the struggles of others not understanding the severity of food allergies, she decided to help support other families with severe allergies too, and help educate childcare providers on the unique challenges this chronic condition brings, supporting with the adaptation of lifestyle and childcare settings to ensure safety as well as emotional well-being of the child.

Manpreet runs an online support group for parents with children with food allergies, and works to inspire others to not let food allergies stop them from the living the life they want.

Reshma Jobanputra

Make 2020 the Cornerstone of your Success

Reshma is a sales and marketing coach, she is passionate about helping the self-employed, solopreneurs and microbusiness create businesses that not only personally fulfilling but also financially rewarding. She uses her 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience along with her formal qualifications (MBA Entrepreneurship) to help her clients accelerate their income. As well as a coach, she is an accomplished speaker and is invited to give talks about the subjects of sales and marketing at many different venues. She says that her work gives her a deep sense of joy because she helps her clients do what they love every day. She has been published in various articles, before, as an expert for her field.

Conor Whearne

Taking Action

Conor Hearne works in Enterprise selling for a leading company within the technology sector. He was headhunted internally to be part of a team leading the go to market launch of his product group within a new industry sector. Alongside this Conor is currently a student of Cambridge University, enrolled on their General Management Certificate of Achievement (GMCA).

Outside of work, Conor is a volunteer for the Key4life charity and Amy Winehouse Foundation, where he is focused on using his own life experience to help young people overcome adversity.

Jaimie Sarah

How to Sell Authentically

Jaimie Sarah is an Executive Mindset Coach, Consultant and Strategist for successful six and seven figure entrepreneurs who want to continue growing their businesses without losing their minds, burning out or never seeing their family.

Using her signature system The Aligned Business Blueprint™️, she combines her sales, marketing and mindset expertise to help you align and grow a sustainable, ethical and profitable business that you truly love to run. (Not just one that looks impressive on IG.)

In her previous life she had a six figure corporate marketing career with FTSE 100 companies including Thomson Reuters and SAP in both London and New York, and left to create a more aligned lifestyle and help more people using her full magic. (Including her intuitive gifts.)

She now runs a multiple six figure business alongside being a proud mama to an almost two year old.

Jaimie was crowned Executive Coach of The Year 2019, has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and more and recently fulfilled a dream of speaking about mindset alongside John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, and Sharon Lechter.

Jaimie will be talking about how to sell more, plentifully and authentically (100% “ick” free) and why your empathy and intuition are hugely valuable assets to the sales process, not hindrances.

Helen Gazzi

Reclaiming your Energy, Drive and Leadership

1. Optimise your current circumstances

2. Gain clarity on how to reinvigorate yourself

3. Develop your leadership in an effective and holistic way

Helen is a Performance and Leadership Coach specialising in working with High Performers in the Technology, Startups and Legal Sectors. Previously a qualified solicitor, she has worked with hundreds of leaders over the last 5 years to help them elevate their performance and impact they are making on the world. Helen is on a mission to elevate people’s ability to lead, and their experience of it.

Helen helps Leaders and High Performers manage the hundreds of responsibilities on their shoulders as well as their professional and personal relationships effectively – she helps them balance this with optimising their own personal potential. Helen genuinely believes everyone has the ability to be a great leader and through her proven 3 Steps Model – Develop, Thrive, Impact, she creates not just tangible, but lasting results for her clients.

Helen also works with teams and companies to develop adaptability (AQ) and interpersonal interactions and relationships (EQ). Through interactive workshops and talks, she teaches not only the theory, but the implementation of these skills.

Janet Milner-Walker

2021 Vision: The Art to Reinvention Starts with ‘What If’?

Janet Milner-Walker is the Founder and Director of Bespoke Advantage, a beauty brand management company working with clients across the beauty, spa, and wellness industry to develop brands that have a positive impact on people’s health, beauty, and wellbeing. Their award-winning portfolio of clients includes trichologists, make-up artists, pharmacists turned skincare entrepreneurs, private investment companies and established beauty and wellness companies based in the UK and internationally.

Initially studying to be an accountant she retrained in Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain management, working for Harvey Nichols, M&S, Boots, Crabtree & Evelyn and the Body Shop in the UK, Dubai, and South Africa as a retail buyer and product development director.

Janet is passionate about helping people to visualise and build a business in this industry. As an alumni to Kingston University, she is currently supporting them with their International Business students, and she regularly speaks at industry events, on webinars and podcasts and contributes to features in the press for publications including Cosmetic Business.


November 27, 2020