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The Power Is In Being Consistent With Your Speaker Training

Every time, after running a training I say to people: ‘REMEMBER, nerves are a sign of playing a bigger game’! So get nervous, it’s part of growth. Don’t let a week go by feeling comfortable and most importantly, be AWARE of what you are telling yourself. Here are a number of clips I highly recommend […]

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Getting Results – The POWER of Mastermind Groups & Accountability

The POWER of Mastermind Groups & Accountability As part of your Speaking Accelerator Programme we recommend to get an accountability buddy within the group to keep yourself and your speaking on track. You can do this with ONE person you like and or in form of a Mastermind group (in our experience 3-4 people works […]

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Checking In – Reflection & Observation

Time To REFLECT & OBSERVE – We Don’t Learn From Experience, We Learn From Reflecting On Experience What did I do this week to further my public speaking?  If you have trouble answering that question, it’s time for a change. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, learning something new every week will keep you […]

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