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About The Book

Imagine if every time you spoke in public, be it at a conference, event, webinar or zoom presentation, you had people queuing up to do business with you.

With the right tools, public speaking can help you to increase your influence, grow your business and get you an ROI every time you speak. Beyond this, speaking helps you to be seen as a leading authority and go-to in your industry, becoming highly in demand as an individual, brand or company.

Having successfully built various businesses, won awards and delivered over 7000 hours of speaking internationally, Elliot Kay understands in great depth how to enrol your audience and win the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. He co-created The Speakers’ Method; a formula to enable you to successfully grow your business through public speaking.

In this new book, Elliot reveals the different elements of what it takes to effectively use public speaking as a growth strategy for your business. This book is full of insights, practical frameworks and actions to apply right away to your business regardless of the size or your experience.

Read the new book to move away from the outdated traditional perception of public speaking into the new paradigm of using speaking as a tool for business growth; enhancing your profile, your sales and your influence.

“This is the book to start with on your Public Speaking journey. It’s also the book to revisit along your Public Speaking journey. It’s packed full of amazing tips – couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Charli Hunt, Founder of Proof Content


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