This blog covers Step 2 ‘Delivery & Business Growth’ and is blog 5 in a series of 9

Now that you’ve been working on your grounding methods to control nerves and taken a deeper look into getting visible, it’s time to create a signature talk that becomes SO COMPELLING on stage that your audience CAN’T forget you..

It’s all about helping your audience relate to you on an authentic level, so they gain the connection and confidence to buy your products or services or even hire you for a project.

At Speaker Express we spend an entire 2 full days with you on Creating your Signature Talk and going through the 7 elements of your personal and business story. These elements help you deliver in an authentic and engaging way.

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We start with the pain of what problem are you solving, so your audience feels as if you understand them. They won’t even notice time passing as they immediately feel like you get them and are aligned with them. This helps you to earn the right as you come across with mass credibility, authority, and your audience will know you are the right person for the solution they need and want.

Then we get you to position yourself quickly into a situation where the audience know you have the solution to their problem, without giving away the how. You will instantly earn their trust, have credibility and authority. People will buy into you and want to carry on beyond the talk to work with you.

Your sales process starts to come to life and people will instantly go on the journey with you. Through your story telling they will understand how you got to where you are, therefore making them more open to buying from you. As you expand on your story, it will further position you as the authority, as the go to person, and therefore they will be inclined to buy much faster from you.

Then of course, we end with the perfect solid clear call to action, so you can benefit from the art of selling without selling…

Ready to get on stage but not sure where to start?

You aren’t alone! In fact, one of the most common questions we get is: ‘How do I get started or how do I get more speaking gigs’?

Believe it or not, London is full of opportunities and if you wanted to, you could speak around the clock, 7 days a week!

To learn more about delivering a signature talk with confidence – Click here to download your free eBook guide “The Speakers’ Method”:

We’ll also share some additional areas that are rich with opportunity but often overlooked plus the one thing NOT to do when looking to get booked.

On average, you only have 9 seconds to create your first impression with your signature talk, so we work on the perfect opening. Then once you have captured their attention, you need to dive deeper into their problem and display an understanding that you have the solution. But even then you still need to earn the right by building your credibility with the audience.

It’s important to show them who you are an authority without bragging, because the more relevant it is to them, the longer they will listen.


And when it comes to your solution, it’s another area to present your version of the problem and the things that need to happen to fix it.

We work on your story, so they get to know you better. When you can personalise your business content it gives your solution substance and people see how you get it.

By personalising your professional life people will understand more, they will build a deeper sense of rapport with you and they will get to understand you better.

We then move onto expand, which empowers you to add more value if you have more time. When you can shorten or lengthen your signature talk, you are ready to take on any situation.


Then your call to action becomes simple. We show you how to attract the people who connect with you, so you don’t waste time and only work with ideal clients who you can help.

When you start getting booked more as a speaker, you will ultimately win more business. Which means your speaking becomes the perfect growth strategy.

We help you make it easy to be found and get booked by different agencies. With the use of showreels, speaker sheets and photography.

We help you to get in front of the right audiences, position yourself in the right way and make sure you are hired by the right agencies.

We help you to reframe everything, so you are seen at the right places, you start increasing your social media footprint and get seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

As soon as you start getting booked more, you start leveraging the 1 to many framework, which wins you more business, and opens the doors to building a team.

Once you have a team, you can build your marketing assets and start getting more referrals. Until you reach a status of being in demand, and that’s when you can increase your fees and start living the life you deserve.

So the key features we focus on within the 7 steps of your signature talk that creates an audience who wants to work with you are:

1. You need to have an opening that disrupts or a solid capturing opening that addresses the problem you are going to be talking about



2. Talk about the main problem

3. Then you have to earn the right to talk about the problem

4. The you need to talk about the solution

5. Tell Story

6. Expand on the story id required

7. And the perfect Call to action that generates profitable sales

Regardless of where you are on your speaking journey, we will help you to gain visibility, build credibility and enrich your social and professional network. Which overtime, makes it a quick and easy decision to book you. You will build the right relationships that get you more invitations to industry events.

Your networking will get you in front of the right audiences which means you will dominate your chosen industry and win more ideal buying clients.

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