Author: Speaker Express

Fu*k Perfection

Boldness is a way to becoming MORE of yourself by deciding to be DONE with bending over backwards for EVERYONE! I always say: ‘No matter who you are and what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone who won’t like what you say, the way you say it and sometimes...

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How It All Started – Two Years of Speaking Without Limits

Two years ago, back in May 2011 – a pub in Islington, twenty people in the audience, three speakers – three judges, the ‘getting your heart racing’ Impromptus and Speaker Express Club was born. It’s our BIRTHDAY this month – two years of Speaker Express – two years of...

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My First Experience at a Speaker Express Club Night

‘I’m a virgin!’ I shouted when Elliot Kay, one of the hosts of the evening asked ‘who has never attended a Speaker Express Club event before?’ I soon realised I wasn’t the only virgin in the room! Speaker Express Club A friendly energetic group of people find...

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