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Here Are The FIVE Golden Rules Of Authenticity

…..adding with a little wink knowing that nothing worth truly embracing is summed up in only FIVE rules. A couple of years back we had Nick Bolton on the Speaker Express stage – founder of Animas Institute, adventurer and authenticity guru. We love...

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Getting Gigs & Building a Speaking Business in 2018

Thank you to Panicos Iordanou, who wrote this article after attending his first ever Speaker Express Club Night. “The INSPIRATION behind the name for the Speaker Express was the 19th century Pony Express horseback mail delivery service in the American West. Its...

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How To Find Your Message?

Many of my clients think that ONCE they have found their message the entire public speaking thing will become easy and they will feel 200% more confident and worthy to be on stage. FAR FROM. You find your message and confidence in the PROCESS of searching for it. Even...

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