Author: annik

Good Feedback is the Key to Improvement but How?

If you are a professional speaker, you’d like to become one or you are into supporting other speakers, then this blog on giving better feedback is for you. I’m Annik, the founder of Speaker Express, and we run speaker accelerator programme here in London. One of the things speakers always say at the end of […]

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In the Spotlight – Meet Kelly

Who is Kelly Pietrangeli? Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of Project Me, a hub of resources and inspiration to help make life easier for busy mothers. As The Mama Motivator, Kelly loves helping women to problem solve, set clear goals, create action plans and follow through. She’s best known for her productivity and time management […]

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Define your SIGNATURE STYLE in 3 Steps

This week’s guest blog is by personal stylist & slow fashion promoter Daisy Schubert. I met Daisy networking a number of years ago in Kensington and what struck me immediately was her strong confidence and intense knowledge on what looks good on someone and what doesn’t. Daisy believes that no woman should be at war […]

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