When you effectively apply our 7 conversion triggers that we teach you within your signature talk training, you will get more speaking gigs and start converting more people into ideal buying clients.

We teach you an effective structure that has been refined over the last 8 years that delivers results. It’s respectful, graceful and non manipulative. It offers you the flexibility to deliver long or short talks that win new business. With our powerful signature talk, you will be able to instantly hook your audience and eliminate any fear that could be holding you back.

It’s time to get noticed and and have a clear understanding of how to use your speaking as a business asset that delivers higher levels of profitable success.

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We make sure you have everything you need to grow your business. By applying our 7 steps to building a solid signature talk, you will get noticed, and be able to effectively monetize your speaking.

Our training is very hands on, we find out where you are with your speaking and what you need to get where you want to go. We help you understand what it takes to communicate your brand message. It’s all about doing, rather than just theory. You will quickly realise that you are awesome and it’s not as hard as you may think. You learn techniques that free up your busy mind, help you concentrate on your own unique structure and deliver without fear.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, every business needs new sales to survive. The fastest way to achieve more sales, is to get in front of more sales leads and integrating speaking as a strategy enables you to do that.

Having a signature talk raises your profile and gets you in front of new audiences. Speaking can grow your business by leveraging a 1 to many model. This means you get to talk with more people in the same time it would take to take to just talk with one. You will become a keynote authority within your industry which leads onto things like being invited as an expert at industry events or gaining access to funding or other platforms.

Gain the confidence and clarity to start your own business or build your profile to take your existing business to the next level.

It’s all about gaining the confidence to speak on stage, get signed with speaker bureaus or other promoters and start generating more sales by selling from the stage. We work closely with you to develop the 7 steps that every signature talk needs. We create an opening that captivates your audience within seconds and instantly provides a powerful first impression.

To learn more about delivering a signature talk with confidence – Click here to download your free eBook guide “The Speakers’ Method”:

We address the problem that’s at the forefront of their minds, so it grabs their attention and demonstrates that you have what it takes to provide them with the solution they are searching for. This helps you to earn the right and build the credibility that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise, without coming across as bragging.

The more relevant it becomes to them, the more they will listen to every word you say. Then we show you different techniques on how to deliver the solution, it’s not always just about the solution, it’s an opportunity to present your version of the problem and the things that need to happen to fix it. You will learn how to deliver through the art of storytelling, so your audience gets you and instantly resonates with you.

This helps to personalise your content and deliver a solution with substance so they understand you more as you build a deeper sense of rapport with them.

You learn how to expand your talk into different lengths, to be able to respond very quickly when you are asked to stand up and talk. So no matter where you are, you can deliver a talk that always adds huge value. And of course you learn how to deliver a call to action based on what your audience wants and needs, so it’s done in a graceful, respectful and authentic way that best represents you as a person and as a brand.  You will learn how to refine or create a signature talk that delivers huge vale, builds your reputation that starts getting you booked.

When you talk in front of people, you get more business and that’s when your speaking becomes a profitable growth strategy for your business.

It’s not just about becoming a speaker, it’s about the whole package of getting booked, delivering on stage and having a signature talk that grows your business. It’s about using speaking as a growth strategy.

We help you to stand in front of the right people, position yourself in the right way, so you get hired by the right agencies and speak in front of the right customers who will be happy to pay for your product or services.

So we help you get this right, we dedicate specific resources and spend a day focusing on it. We bring in people from the industry to help show you how they get booked for speaking events and what they know agencies are looking for. This gives you a process to use, it helps you create the perfect profile and with this unique insider industry knowledge, you no longer waste your time and avoid making any bad first impressions.

If you are amazing on stage but could do with being better at selling yourself, or if you find it easy to promote yourself and get nervous when it’s time to be on stage. Then we will help you get that balance right. It’s all about being a good talker and a good connector, and we help you get that balance right.

Bookings come so much easier when you have the perfect pitch, and when you understand the industry you want to speak in. You will quickly get to know who the influencers are within your chosen field of expertise to start networking and building closer relationships.

We help you find the one thing that you can do consistently that creates results. So you can build the confidence and feel secure in the knowledge that your talk is right for them.

When you are standing in front of the right people and positioning yourself in the right way, you will find it so much easier to get booked by the right agencies.

Therefore getting in front of the right customers who will pay for your products or services. Resulting in more clients, more referrals which ultimately grows your business, increases your cash flow and empowers you to have a greater impact.

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