This blog covers Step 1 ‘Content & Confidence’ and is blog 1 in a series of 9

If you want to use a speaking strategy to help grow your business, we can help you.

When you can stand in front of any audience and deliver a talk that engages an audience and converts them into ideal buying clients, anything is possible. Your opportunities are endless, you will have the content and confidence to take your business to its next level. To increase your sales, you need to get your messaging in front of more people and speaking is the most effective way to do just that.

Even if you are speaking already, we can help you raise your profile and deliver a more focused brand messaging, that generates more sales leads and referrals. Which raises your visibility and helps you to stand out from your competitors. 

Speaking helps transform the balance away from the ‘old limiting’ model of trading your time for money, and launches you into a leveraged 1 to many model, that gets you in front of thousands of potential sales leads.

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When you can deliver a signature talk that grabs everyone’s attention and wins you new clients, your business will grow, allowing you to employ more people and free up your time to do more of what you love.

We help you to apply the right speaking strategy so you can significantly grow your business in a structured way. It’s all about knowing where to start and how to get in front of the right audience.

When you have the perfect signature talk and can deliver it with confidence and clarity, you get to have fun and enjoy helping more people. You start to attract more sales, get more bookings and build an incredible profile. This means you create your own opportunities, become an authority within your chosen field of expertise and build a solid social following.

Instead of spending an hour with 1 potential client, you get to spend an hour with 100’s of potential clients. We teach you how to deliver an effective signature talk structure that leads to more sales. Your audience will buy into you faster and love what you have to say.

When you can deliver a signature talk in such a way that your audience feels like you understand them and get them, you will be able to instantly develop trust and build long term relationships. You will no longer suffer from nerves, and you will be able to adapt your signature talk to 5 minutes, 30 minute or as long as you want, without any problem. 

We fast track your learning experience of the speaking industry, so you can get noticed and get booked. We help you find what works for you and your business so you can refine your messaging and understand which booking make you the most return on your investment. You will have all the tools you need to grow your business and start generating more sales.

To learn more about delivering a signature talk with confidence – Click here to download your free eBook guide “The Speakers’ Method”:

When you effectively apply our 7 conversion triggers that we teach you within your signature talk training, you will get more speaking gigs and start converting more people into ideal buying clients.

We teach you an effective structure that has been refined over the last 8 years that delivers results. It’s respectful, graceful and non manipulative. It offers you the flexibility to deliver long or short talks that win new business. With our powerful signature talk, you will be able to instantly hook your audience and eliminate any fear that could be holding you back.

It’s time to get noticed and and have a clear understanding of how to use your speaking as a business asset that delivers higher levels of profitable success.

We make sure you have everything you need to grow your business. By applying our 7 steps to building a solid signature talk, you will get noticed, and be able to effectively monetize your speaking.

Our training is very hands on, we find out where you are with your speaking and what you need to get where you want to go. We help you understand what it takes to communicate your brand message. It’s all about doing, rather than just theory. You will quickly realise that you are awesome and it’s not as hard as you may think. You learn techniques that free up your busy mind, help you concentrate on your own unique structure and deliver without fear.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, every business needs new sales to survive. The fastest way to achieve more sales, is to get in front of more sales leads and integrating speaking as a strategy enables you to do that.

Having a signature talk raises your profile and gets you in front of new audiences. Speaking can grow your business by leveraging a 1 to many model. This means you get to talk with more people at the same time it would take to just talk with one.

You will become a keynote authority within your industry which leads onto things like being invited as an expert at industry events or gaining access to funding or other platforms.

Gain the confidence and clarity to start your own business or build your profile to take your existing business to the next level. It’s all about gaining the confidence to speak on stage, get signed with speaker bureaus or other promoters and start generating more sales by selling from the stage.

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