2018 Speaking Accelerator Training Dates


Creating Your Signature Talk


Your Personal Story & Accessing Emotions


How to Sell Yourself, Pitch Your Business & Sell From Stage


Facilitation Power, Running Workshops & MC Training


Media Training and Video Confidence

Further dates TBC

2018 Club Nights

  • 24th JANUARY 2018 – Getting Gigs & Building a Speaking Business
  • 21st FEBRUARY 2018 – How We Made It – Secrets To Monetizing Your Speaking
  • 21st MACH 2018 – Theme to be announced

2018 NEXT LEVEL – Building Your Speaking Business Training Dates

The thought of speaking on stage made my blood run cold but I was inspired on that first Club Night to give a one minute talk about what I did. The rush was amazing. I swear I was buzzing for days! I went back every month then joined the Speaking Accelerator programme and embarked on a very powerful speaker training journey. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. The programme covers every aspect of speaking – from getting gigs to creating a pitch – in a very practical and supportive way. But I think the most powerful thing I took away from it was the confidence to just LET GO – of inhibitions, fear of criticism and judgement. That’s where authenticity comes from, and what connects to an audience. I recently delivered a TEDx talk I’m incredibly proud of and doing more and more corporate gigs.

Lizzy Nichol

Corporate Mindfulness

The structures and tools that I learnt at the trainings – from how to sell without being pushy, to how to make an impactful entrance on stage, to emotional story telling, bringing powerful stage archetypes into my talks, anchoring, improvisation, MC skills and way more – set me up to be a great speaker when I was ready to take it beyond the training room. The vast majority of my VIP coaching clients have been attracted to work with me because of seeing me speak on various stages. I now speak at least once a week on different stages in the personal development, corporate and educational sectors. I have become one of the most highly rated speakers at the world’s biggest personal development meet-up – Interesting Talks London. I have speaking agents and get paid directly for speaking now too, rather than just using speaking as a marketing tool for my coaching business. The positive financial effect on my business of the speaker training has been huge, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and in my business.

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Wellbeing Coach